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  1. no i dnt want you to do the homework(that is not an homework its and previous exam, to help us) i just want to know where is exactly the javascript and vbsrcipt code is once u go to view source thats all so i can understand. and im sorry if i came at this the wrong way.
  2. sorry it didnt come out the way i wanted to but here is link for what im trying to say http://www.bauer.uh.edu/parks/s1171m.htm
  3. Hi guys im totally new to this. Im taking Transaction Processing I for the first time and it is ###### for me, first of all i am a total noob at this and my teacher doesnt teach at all so i am teaching my self. and sorry if i make mistakes on this post ( which is my first post of my life)..... so my question is this what is the javascript code for this particular function (lets call it p1) .... Below is the textarea named ta with the data from the spreadsheet pasted inside. XLdata col 1 col 2 col 3 row sum row 1 11 12 13 36 row 2 21 22 23 66 row 3 31 32 33 96 row 4 41 42 43 126 row 5 51 52 53
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