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  1. please help me as im very interested in get a PHP certificate.i would like to contact someone about certificates online.thank you!
  2. Excuse me, can I get a PHP certificate, even if I’m from another country?I mean, I can pay from here, and get my certificate?Thank you very much.
  3. hi there, im new to this site, i like a lot to learn, so here I am.Full name: Bryan GilesAlternative name(s): ArturoGender: MaleZodiacal sign: AquariusCountry of residance: MéxicoCity of residance: TaxcoHeight: 1.63 mWeight: 50 kgEyes: Light BrownHair: Black/BrownSmoking/Drinking/Drugs: noneFavourite Music: Hard Rock, and Japanese MusicFavourite Movies: Troy, Gladiator, Braveheart, etcInterest: ArtsPets: I use to have 2 turtles, now i just have 1 my 7 year old Tatl turtle, passed away last week.Additional comments: Im learning CSS and PHP, thats how i found this site
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