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  1. It will be 3.4 for this project. Trying to keep it as modular as possible, As I said I have not got much control over the JSON as its used on multiple products and platforms.
  2. I am learning the extjs framework and I have come across an issue. I have a simple JSON object I read from the server that is NOT an array of data, it is just a series of key-value pairs. This is displayed using a data view and XTemplate. The JSON looks like this:- { "likes": 0, "shares": 0, "comments": 4, "friends": 0, "tags": 0,} This is read by taking the user ID making a AJAX call using jsonReader to retrieve just these 5 bits of information. I just cannot get it to function correctly and I believe the reason is that JSONReader is expecting an array, not an object of key value pa
  3. I dont have control of the server side unfortunately. I can read the file via ajax, but need to be able to parse it. I have been looking through the MS file spec and it could take a while to write my own, so looking for a shortcut library.
  4. Does anybody know of any Javascript libraries that will read a microsoft .msg file (outlook email export). I am writing a system that requires an viewer to dispay .msg files that have been stored on a server. Anyhelp much appreciated. I will probably also have to do .eml in the future too. I have searched the net but not seen anything yet. BTW I am not using .net framework or ASP. This is pure HTML/CSS/Javascript+JQuery Thanks
  5. I can't believe there is no option for conditional operations within a template, surely there must be. I originally had the page creating itself into a string and then using appendTo, but the client wants it all to be using page templates for easy of future changes. I looked at using Jquery templates but I read that they were not supported anymore, particularly with Knockout JS. So I am trying to keep to pure Knockout js with mapping. Anyone else got any ideas? Thanks
  6. Hi I am using templates in Knockout JS and I am trying to create conditional markup within the template. The code I have is as follows (bit does not work and I don't think it is possible to do it this way within a template (I think this is the method outside templates) So does anybody know how it can be done <script type='text/html' id="mainPageTemplate"> <!-- ko if: ($index()%2==0) --> <div class="row group"> <!-- /ko --> <div class='seriesFeature col'> <a class='sect-nav' data-nav='pi_family' data-bind
  7. By the way the reason there are two different ways of accessing the data in the HTML is because I was initially thinking that is where the issue was as I was getting a blank screen. So was trying all sorts of combinations of accessing the model.
  8. I have a globally defined view model as such which reads a JSON object from local storage (That bit works or at least did until I transitioned to Knockout mapping var gds = new gdStructure();if (localStorage.getItem("globalData")!== null){ gds=ko.mapping.fromJSON(localStorage.getItem("globalData"));}else{ // do a load of data automatically}function gdStructure(){ this.currentFamily = 0; this.currentSeries = 0; this.currentProduct = 0; this.productInfoMain = new Object(); this.family = new Object(); this.series = new Object(); this.product = new Object(); } I t
  9. Hi, I am trying to create a bar chart using background colours. I generate the HTML when entering the page based on values pulled via AJAX, but that is not the issue. The issue I am having is simply trying to get text on top of the bar. I can create a bar that is X% of the width of the div, but can't then get the text to sit ontop of the bar and the actual value to sit far right so I have. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX - Full width of divItem 1 ValueXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX - this would be the background color bar that would sit under whe
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