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  1. Couldn't I possibly edit my .htaccess to remove the bar?I had a similar problem with my links looking like www.home.com/faq.php for example I edit the .htaccess, placed a rewrite and got it to be www.home.com/faq However, this actual page I'm working on is in a folder that's from my main folder (with my index and everything for www.home.com) and this actual page has more folders inside it, which need to be there for the page to fully function. Anyone understand me? I hope I'm not being confusing.
  2. I've been making a website and say I have a page like www.home.com -- that link is all fine. Now I make another page for say a FAQ. It'll be www.home.com/FAQ/ I can't get it to be www.home.com/FAQ it seems to have to have that / on the end. Why is this and what can I do to change it? My www.home.com is on say a public_html folder using an index.html for the page's contents. Then i made a new folder called FAQ, and inside that folder is another index.html that is the contents of the index page. What am I doing wrong?
  3. Where would I put that? I don't really have css on this page. It's all html. For example one of my chats is this html: <html dir="ltr"><object width="250" height="360" id="obj_1326478906434"><param name="movie" value="CHATURL"/><param name="wmode" value="transparent"/><param name="AllowScriptAccess" VALUE="always"/><param name="AllowNetworking" VALUE="all"/><param name="AllowFullScreen" VALUE="true"/><param name="flashvars" value="cid=ID&a=CCCCCC&b=51&f=43&i=87&k=999999&l=FFFFFF&m=FFFFFF&o=30&r=100&s=1&t=0"/><embed id="emb_1234" src="CHATURL" width="100%" height="100%" wmode="transparent" allowScriptAccess="always" allowNetworking="all" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowFullScreen="true" flashvars="cid=ID&a=CCCCCC&b=51&f=43&i=87&k=999999&l=FFFFFF&m=FFFFFF&o=30&r=100&s=1&t=0"></embed></object></html>
  4. So I have a page which is basically video and chat. I want it to be chat 1 - video - chat 2. I believe this is possible. Here's some of my coding: <frameset cols="0" border="0" framespacing="0" frameborder="0"> <frameset cols="*,25%"> <frame name="maincontent" src="player.html" scrolling="no" target="_self"> <frame name="rbottom" src="chat.html" target="_self"></frameset><noframes></noframes> That's the main meat of my index. My video which is "maincontent" or "player.html" is all the left of my page with my chat being on the right, 25% from the scroll bar towards the center like so "[ ] []" I want two chats, basically like this: "[] [ ] []" What can I do?
  5. Hi, on a MyBB forum I have a link on a navigation bar I want to change but I'm not sure how. When I go into the admin editor it's coded as: <ul id="nav"> <li><a href="{$mybb->settings['bburl']}/index.php" class="current">Home</a></li> If I view the page's source it's coded as: <ul id="nav"> <li><a href="http://www.mysite.com/forum/index.php" class="current">Home</a></li> Maybe I'm in the wrong place on the MyBB admin editor or something. What I want to do is make the link be just mysite.com, rather my forum.
  6. Well the thing is, I could probably figure out how to just insert it as an image but then I'd be stumped on the positioning. I'll be using a different image when I'm good and ready to go but I want it to just be a logo for the most part. Then I'll add links probably under it or create more lines off the moon as my navigation.
  7. Really? Weird. Must've chosen an odd time to look. Maybe try again, if that doesn't work then my coding is: <html><HEAD><TITLE>Moonan Beings</TITLE><META name="description" content="Description."><META name="keywords" content="Keywords"><META http-equiv="content-language" content="en"><link rel="shortcut icon" href="http://moonanbeings.com/favicon.ico" type="image/x-icon" /><link href="http://www.moonanbeings.com/style.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" /></HEAD></html> then my CSS is body {background-image:url('/imagesabyz10/moonbackground2.jpg'); background-repeat: no-repeat; background-attachment: fixed; background-position: center; max-height: 75%; max-width: 75%; width: 100%; height: 100%}body {background-color:#000000;} You (or whoever) can try the link again to see how I want it to be if you can't envision it through my description. To summarize again, my image shouldn't be a background image but a standalone image and center, center. How do I code this?
  8. I've been playing around with site making and through tutorials and such nothing "exactly" tells how to position anywhere you want, at least nothing I've seen. My site is here http://www.moonanbeings.com/I want it to be as you see now, but correctly. I'm using CSS to place that image center there and I don't think that's how it should be. It shouldn't be through CSS and it shouldn't be a background image. Having it like that is like my easy way out. So, how do I get that background image to be a regular image and center, center for every resolution?
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