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  1. Hello I had a form, that I need to make the button enabled when the checkbox is selected , otherwise it had to be disabled.Thanks
  2. Hello, I need to change the color of the text in the <option> in the html page,Do I need to play with css or through some javascript?Thanks in advance
  3. Hello, I had a form, with simple text box in which user enter his name, there is a drop down box for users to select his major, once he/she clicks his major, I need to show x number of forms controls (text box, drop down, check box...). Once he select another choice, I need to clear previous forms (clear it from data if they already saved).Any help??Thanks
  4. Hello,I am developing a webpage, that reads the most recent projects from mysql table, and I need help on this:When the page loads (home page), the 5 top project's pics had to be loaded from the database. I need to show one each 3 seconds (like a flash one).But the most important, is that pics had to be loaded when pages load, so that user wants wait until first pic finish loading, then second....Any help?Thanks
  5. Hello,Attached is a menu that I had created.At the end, there is + sign, in which when I click on it, it will reveal the rest of the menu .Attached is a pic that explain more.Thanks in advance
  6. But how can I view it?it won't work if I echo the corresponding row.Thanks
  7. Hello all,I am using this tutorial for uploading images to mysql database, http://www.php-mysql-tutorial.com/wikis/my...l-database.aspxbut I don't want them to download, can I view them?Thanks
  8. Hello, I had a flash-bases website in which I want to add a snow javascript to add more effects to my website.When I try to add this script: http://www.schillmania.com/projects/snowstorm/it won't show successfully, any help?Thanks
  9. I know the Adobe product, but I am looking for a simple program that I can achieve my goals as Adobe Flash need a good experience to work with it.
  10. what do you mean?there are a lot of flash programs....
  11. Hello all,I am looking for a fastest way , a program or something, that let me create a simple flash things, for ex: I had 3 pics and 5 text,so I want to show first pic, then after 3 seconds show a text, then a pic ....Thanks in advance
  12. Ok,I need a help in this, maybe a javascript thing, can you offer some examples or help??Thanks
  13. Hello all,I tried to use the blink tag to make a webpage blinking, but its not working on IT, it will work on Firefox & ChromeI need to make some blinking text (that looks like flash), maybe a javascript.Thanks in advance
  14. Hello , in the html page, I want to put the image at the very top of the page, I don't want that small space to be shown;Any help?Thanks in advance
  15. Well, in phpmyadmin, I had to chose CSVbut what as for the CSV options?:Fields terminated byFields enclosed byFields escaped byLines terminated byColumn nameswhat to put?Thanks in advance
  16. HelloI had a small phone book app, I had tables with 4 fields (ID, First Name, LaSt Name, Phone Number),and I had excel file which have 3 fields also, First Name, Last Name, phone Number)there are around 7000 records, how can I import the excel file to the database ( I am using WAMP).Thanks in advance
  17. Hello I had a web form, there is a field that should contain only numbers, so how can I check if the field contains numbers?? (not decimals)Thanks
  18. well, the RewriteRule is directing the page, all what I need is just to fake the URL
  19. Hello,I need help with this issue:I had the site:sub.site.comwhen the user enter sub.site.com into their browser, a link opens: sub.site.com/page1/page1.1/......Is there some way in JavaScript or maybe php to make the URL fixed?Thanks in advance
  20. well, i Had finished the section where I can upload files to directories & to database;2 questions now:1- I had made the file to be uploaded to the folder & insert its info. into database, should I insert it into database also (the file itself)?2- I had made a page to allow users to view list of files, I want to let the users to sort via file types, & no of rows per page!Any Suggestion!Thx
  21. Hello all,First of all, sorry for posting it here, cause I am not being able to start a new topic in the php section!Well, I am newbie in php & building small web applications; I need you to guide me in my project:I want to create a web-based application that will allow admin & special users to upload JPGS, Gif, Zip, rar & pdf.Is there anyway that I can allow users to only upload these kind of files.Then allow front-end users (registered users) to download the files, when they click on the file, they are prompted to download the file.And guests to view only the filenames. (so there
  22. Hello, I had 3 images, I want to create one pic file, which change pics every amount of time (like animation but I don't want to create a flash one)..Any help?Thx
  23. Hello I am php newbie, I am looking for a page that I can enter 2 times in 2 boxes and it will calculates for me the difference between them. The times to be entered will be in the form HH:MM.Any suggestion!Thanks
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