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  1. Yes (with MS SQL at least, and I assume other SQL too): in your select statement, you can just include a new column in the resultset, set to a constant which identifies the table:
    select 'projects' as tableid, * from projectsunionselect 'news' as tableid, * from news

    but I want to differentiate between the 2, for example if there somethng called 'xyz' in news and 'xyz' in project, each one will have different hyperlink at the results page,is there someway to know from which table did the results came???
  2. Hello all,as for passing an argument in html page, I am using the following<a href="index.php?page=search_first.php&search=docum ent.search1.searchText.value" />I want to get the value from a text box to send it with the url so that I can use it in another page to search for it.but the upper one is not working?Do I make any mistake?Thanks in advance__________________

  3. Hello all, I am buidling sql statment, with the union keywork, "I am doing a search for my site to search for my 2 tables . projects and news" based on the results I want to check wether the results are from the table projets or the table news to make a link based on the search criteriais there someway to do that?Thanks in advance

  4. Hello all,is there a way to format a page according to my given and print it.The page is either html and php /For example; I don't want the file name to be printed at the end when I print it using the usual printing.Thanks in advance

  5. Hello all,I am creating a php page, and when I press on the delete button, I want to give the user the choice to make sure that he/she wants to delete that item from the page, I want to make a popup javascript box and depending on his choice I can redirect the page to delete it or stay on the same one?Thanks in advance

  6. Hello all,I'd the select control in html:<select name="CName" onchange="document.newVoucher.testing.value = '<?php //Here I want to take out the selected value from the list and then use it in a query how can I get the selected item in the combo box?Thanks in advance

  7. Any code you already have for that? If you've been able to pull off additions to the database, selecting existing records should be a piece of cake. And again, what is your data model (the actual structure of the database).
    yeah I do know that, but I just need some help to achieve that how to make the phone number visible when selecting the customer name
  8. Exactly where do you keep the phones for each person? A database (and what database exactly)? XML file? Text file? Hardcoded in the PHP? Sample of such storage's model?
    Well, I am giving the user the ability to add phone and Name to the database so when he/she selects the name he should get the phone no
  9. Hello all,I'd 1 combo box and 1 input box, one for the Customer Name and the second is for the Customer Telephone, so the 2 are related to each others. When the user selects the Customer Name, I want the Telephone to be displayed in the 2nd box, what function should I use? Should I use JavaScript?Thanks in advance

  10. Hello all,I am creating a site, I've added pic by extracting it from the database through $_GET[''] anyway, that ID has more than one image, so when I click on the image I want to display the images as slideshow, any help for this?thanks in advance

  11. Considering the way the URL looks, i'd say
    <?phpecho $_GET['search'];?>

    but I think you need to somehow separate the "this.test.test1.value" from the rest of it. And I'm not sure exactly how you do that in JavaScript. Perhaps this:

    'resultsPage.php?search=' . this.test.test1.value

    About the php side, I can do it, but I just need the correct syntax for the javasrcipt oneThanks
  12. hello all, I'd the following form: <form name='test'> <input type='text' name='test1' /> </form> and the following pic:<img src="images/index_25.gif" width="38" height="51" alt="" border="0" style="cursor:pointer" onClick="NewWindow('resultsPage.php?search=this.test.test1.value','Results Page','800','800','yes','center')"> </a>wat i Want to do is:The new window open must have the resultPage.php opened with the value of the text box?Thanks in advance

  13. The form will automatically pass any input values to the next page.
    I'd used the following: <a href="link.php?search> aa </a>it works fine, but I'd a text box named searchWordson the new page, I'd used $_GET['searchWords'], I tried to echo that variable , but nothing happens..
  14. If the page is not XHTML, you can set a target on the form to open a new window when the form gets submitted. If you are using XHTML, I'm not sure you can do that.<form target="_blank" ...>
    ok, how can I pass form variable to the next page?like I'd a text box named: searchWord, how I can pass it to the next page so that I can use with the sql to select data based on the search keyword?
  15. hello all,I'd developed a simple search engine that searches through records in database, I'd located the button and the text box in the index page, when the user enter the keywords, I want to display the results in a pop-up window?the results works fine when the user enters anything in the search engine and clicks search

  16. Hello all,I'd a website and a database which held the data of that site,I am building a web page for the search on that site, how can I do that?for example, if one entered anything in the search engine, I would like to search the whole database for that word?Thanks in advance

  17. Hello all,I'd a web form, and this form must enter data to multiple tables lets say now: 2 tables, (Voucher and Customer)CustomerID is a forgein key in Voucher Table, and Voucher Table has a voucherId in it, how can I insert both CustomerID and its information to the Customer Table and also insert the CustomerID to the Voucher table?Thanks in advance

  18. Well, I used the binary, but when I look at the results of the inserting, I see something like \A..Did the tinyint worked well with u ?Also, in the html how could I enter that fact into the database?thanks in advace

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