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  1. Hello all,I am building an application (web),and I am designing a form,using HTML, I'd checkboxes , I am using isset to enter the data into the database, how can I know if the user has checked or not the checkbox (using checked property), how would I enter that into database?>I am using the type of that field as binary?is that correctThanks in advance

  2. I'm re-designing a site for someone and i'm putting in an admin area. I'm used to using PHPMyAdmin but the host doesn't use it. I want to see what is already on the database that exists, how could i do this. I have the user name and password.
    Use Select statment in mysql
  3. hello allI have 3 fields in mysql, these are just Yes/NO as in Access, well in mysql, Do I use binary?Thanks in advance

  4. By adding
    <?phpheader('Content-type: text/html;charset=utf-8');?>

    At the very top of the document (and save it as a PHP document of course). Using this method is probably the best, unless you have access to the server configuration itself, but you probably don't, so it will be this one.Note that the file should actually be saved with UTF-8 encoding. That is, in Notepad for example, from the Save As menu, to select from the "Encoding" drop down menu "UTF-8".

    I made this,Is there something that I can know what is the server defaults or know more about it?The characters are really disturbing me, nothing is working as for Characters
  5. The webserver itself might be sending a different encoding in the header. I'm not sure which one takes priority, probably the server. Do you have a link that people can check? Can you run PHP on the server? If you can, you can send a header yourself which says the correct encoding.
    How can I do that?any help would be acceptableThanks in advance
  6. hello all,I've an html pages that I put them on the ftp server, while trying to access them, the encoding changesbut in the HTML I'd put:<meta http-equiv="Content-Language" content="en-us"><meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8">but is taking Cyrllic encoding?How can I fix it?I dont want the user to manually put the right encoding?Thanks in advance

  7. Hello all,I am trying to saving an image to the database through a normal HTTP form, I used the select image from menu, but the result was (DvXorEXr`:)tN&nic&Gw''X$Ll |h|ҡ$Т` EYAlJh'NjwYj ++]`,Ax3J]*c(mw.< aD"`/&!Dǭ|`y@ÚK#kBr BJmհ~A%2{S-3CΦfnA9 s֔[~9qkjVCN=nDHN?#e*\ݩOֻJf`},2/H:n;׸lany help?Thanks

  8. Well, I'd a table with ID, title, and contents fieldsI had page name called display.php, and 3 links inside it display1.php?id=1......................=2......................=3For example, if I clicked on first link, I must get the records where ID=1 inthe database, but how can I know via isset which link did the user presses?

  9. Hello all,I've built a single page, that retrieves a data from database.For example, on the php page, I've added the link:<a href='test1.php?id=1'>anything </a><a href='test1.php?id=2'>anything </a>when I click on one of it, I want the next page to display the results from sql query, but I don't know how to use it id (like: id=1) from the isset, to use it??Any help

  10. Hello All,Please can u help me, I've this script it works fine, but what I need is that when the page reaches the end, I want to make it begin from the first and so on Thanks in advance This is the code:<script language="javascript">function pageScroll() { window.scrollBy(0,50); // horizontal and vertical scroll increments scrolldelay = setTimeout('pageScroll()',1000); // scrolls every 100 milliseconds}</script>

  11. Hello all, I am customizing a script that is used on rollover for images, but it wont work , can u help me with it? (there is no problem with images)The code is:

    <HTML><HEAD><TITLE>Multiple Rollovers</TITLE><script LANGUAGE = "JavaScript"><!--if (document.images) {img1On = new Image();img1On.src = "1.jpg"; // Active Imagesimg2On = new Image();img20n.src = "2.jpg";img1Off = new Image();img1Off.src = "2.jpg"; // Inactive Imagesimg2Off = new Image();img20ff.src = "1.jpg";//img1ad = new Image(); //img1ad.src = "1.jpg"; // Information Images//img2ad = new Image();//img2ad.src = "2.jpg";}// Function to 'activate' images.function imgOn(imgName) {if (document.images) {document[imgName].src = eval(imgName + "on.src");//document["holder"].src = eval(imgName + "ad.src");}} // Function to 'deactivate' images. function imgOff(imgName) {if (document.images) {document[imgName].src = eval(imgName + "off.src");//document["holder"].src = "1.jpg";}}// --></SCRIPT> </HEAD> <BODY BGCOLOR = "#FFFFFF"><!-- 1st Rollover --> <a HREF="jukebox.html" onMouseOver = "imgOn('imgl')" onMouseOut = "imgOff('img1')"> <IMG NAME= "imgl" BORDER="0" HEIGHT="24" WIDTH="100" SRC="1.jpg"></A><!-- 2nd Rollover --> <a HREF="videos.html" onMouseOver = "imgOn('img2')" onMouseOut = "imgOff('img2')"><IMG NAME= "img2" BORDER="0" HEIGHT="24" WIDTH="100" SRC="2.jpg"></A></BODY> </HTML>

  12. Hello all,Can someone helps me with the following idea:I've a page with input boxes on it,and beside each input box there is a link that will display a small help text, and that help text will be extracted from the xml file according to the id of the text box, so , I need more help on that , How could i extract data in HTML page from an xml page?Thanks

  13. Hello all, I am creating a web page and have links on it, near each link I want to include some tips so that when the user puts the mouseover them,it retrieves the data from an xml file and display it, I want some help in retreiving the data from the xml file?Thanks

  14. HelloI need to get the page name of the page that I am in using JavaScript , or PHP,I was using $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'], but its returning the url of the link for example its under folder webmin so the result is /webmin/pageName.phpI need to get only pageName.phpany help?Thanks

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