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  1. mmm, It is nice that I have know about XHTML, since I want something more powerful than the basic HTML, but what do u mean that lynx can't interpret javascript? is that lynx or linux!!
  2. that post was great a lot, u have described all the important features that one need to know about,and http://webxact.watchfire.com/ is really great. but also u need to mention how to create a site with a scripting langauge like: JavaScript, and the basic HTML langauge
  3. Hey all,I have read all the tutorial relating to XML in the w3schools site, but still I need to know how XML could be related to ex. web services, programming languages, so how could it be used?thanks 4 caring
  4. yeah , u r right, sql is very easy and it is powerful alot, it has alot of features that makes it wide-use by most programmer, and u also use it especially when u want to create a database for ur site,
  5. So u want to create a poll: u have first to enter the choices for ur question. Then, u have to create a table for the options u have, so when a user select a choice and then click ok, the answer must be saved in the database. I don't think that u should have more info, except the IP address (using javaScript) to disable voting more than once ,, also this could be solved by creating a cookie.
  6. well, I am beginner, I am learning the tutorial found on the w3schools site, but still need more help especially in classes, functions, Well, I have some experience in Java, php and some languages, but yeah u know , I still need some help to begin well
  7. also easyphp is a nice webserver which includes, phpadmin, sqlServer, and all in a nice web-based interface with an easy way to work with them,so the one that u have talk about , XAMPP, how could I get it?/
  8. if u working on local host, be sure that u lunch the apache webserver,and u have saved the above file with the .php extension,and save it in ur www root folder.
  9. phpbb is located here: www.phpbb.netphp scripts are found inside the php manual, so u should first read the w3schools tutorial found in the home page, and get some look at how php works.so try to post here ur comments, and ny question u have faced.
  10. Does anybody has or knows a link to download the JavaScript referecne?!
  11. houssam_ballout


    With PHP you can also write client side GUI applications using the PHP-GTK extension. This is a completely different approach than writing web pages, as you do not output any HTML, but manage windows and objects within them. For more information about PHP-GTK, please visit the site dedicated to this extension. PHP-GTK is not included in the official PHP distribution. so what is the gtk??
  12. don't say about anything is HARD, just start learning and u will see that all difficult things could be handled in a very easy way, just think that u will learn new things, and though nothing will stop u from doing that.
  13. houssam_ballout


    yeah, u r right, I am also learning php by myself, and I also learning many other stuffs alone, since I have a good background in progamming, and I have the habit to learn more things with fewer time.
  14. houssam_ballout


    try to ask questions about it ,and I could help u as much as I can?
  15. yeah u maybe right, but as u know, as the technology is developing there is no much space to learn everything, so for example, using the macromedia dreamweaver 2004, u can use it to write css file within minutes,without the need to write every command, but u must have a good knowledge about manything to understand them.
  16. there is a program that I have which install the number of pages u want from any website, I will try to send it to u (maybe it is large).
  17. houssam_ballout


    I think that we need a forum dedicated for databases and all its related features, from access, oracle, mysql, ado,....
  18. so do u know sql, how to write sql queries/also u need to know and learn to use phpadmin, which is a simple user web-interface that will let u manage and create databases.and u need to have sql server running so that ur queries (sql ones) can work.
  19. u need to have a small look at the html language, so to read the tutorial on the w3schools website, and then use the frontpage from the office XP to have a look how it could works and other stuffs.if u need to develop a small website with free templates, then go to www.freeservers.com and then register for it (free of charge), and so that is ur website is ready to edit and view it.After that, u need to be more expert in it and need to know and write javascripts or vbscripts, that will enable u to create a dynamic website (also u can use php , asp, ...).so, go ahead , the gates are openposts ur
  20. but anyway, u have to be used to write ur scripts in the same case and the better is to use the small case, and in case there are 2 words then capitalize the first letter from the second word.and never begin with spaces.............
  21. html is not case sensitive, it is not like php, so in html <bodY> is the same as <BoDY>but that is not the case in the html
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