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  1. Unfortunatly Client Side Scripting Languages are not supported by all browsers, especially text based browsers like lynx. This means that people using these browsers wont be able to use the Javascript. If you want your site to use javascript, use it. But make sure that if Javascript was swicd off that your site ca still function, or provide a link to a text based version of the site.As for Basic HTML, its an old technology. Building a site with HTML is like building a wooden house. It will never be as strong as a brick house i.e. as XHTML. XHTML has the advantage of being structured so you can be asured your site will be interpretted the same by different browsers.Chaos

    mmm, It is nice that I have know about XHTML, since I want something more powerful than the basic HTML, but what do u mean that lynx can't interpret javascript? is that lynx or linux!!
  2. Hey EveryoneHere is an Article I wrote a few months ago on Accessibility. Hope you find it useful.WAI or Web Accessibility Initiative was set up by the W3C in order to provide guidelines and techniques for making webpages accessible to people with disabilites.The WAI guidelines are made up of three priorities. If you want your site to be available to everyone then it is important you at least comply with priority one.This article aims to provide basic techniques and checkpoints so you can start making your site accessible. I will write a longer and more indepth article at some point in the future which will provide an indepth look into how to make an accessible site.Basic PracticesIn order to comply with Priority 1 the following checkpoints must be checked. Most of these are common sense and you will find most sites only fall short on one or two points.    * Always use the Alt attribute when using the IMG tags    * Dont use Marquee or Blinking text    * Make sure the document can still be read, and understood, without a style sheet    * Provide text links when using image maps    * Dont use tables for layout - only use them to convey data in a table format    * Title each frame to facilitate frame identification and navigation.    * Ensure that pages are still usable if all applets/scripts etc are turned offThese are the basic guidelines your site should follow if you wish it to be accessible to the majoirty of uses.Onto Priority TwoPriority two focuses on the interoperability of the web page(How well it can be transfered from one browser to another) The majoiry of the guidlines involve good web programming practices. If you already markup your sites the the XHTML 1.1, you will find your site complies with most guidlines.    * Labels must be used to designate form fields.    * Ensure background and Foreground colours contrast - this is for obvious reasons.Onto Priority ThreePriority three expands on priority two, most of the things covered in Priority three tend to be for older and less complex text readers.    * You must identify the natural language of the document    * Adjacent Links must be seperated by something more than whitespace, seperating with break or paragraph tags will not work    * Place holders must be used in otherwise empty input boxes.Rounding offOk, that completes my introduction to the WAI this should be enough to get you started.ValidatingIt is always important to use a validator to check the main points of your markup. Remember to also check things validators cant such as colour contrasts.Bobbyhttp://bobby.watchfire.com  -  A great validator to check your sites. Also gives a list of things for users to check independantly.If, after best efforts, you cannot create an accessible page, provide a link to an alternative page that uses W3C technologies, is accessible, has equivalent information (or functionality), and is updated as often as the inaccessible page. This will ensure your content is available to anyone who wants it.Hope this helps, if you have any questions please feel free to askChaos

    that post was great a lot, u have described all the important features that one need to know about,and http://webxact.watchfire.com/ is really great. but also u need to mention how to create a site with a scripting langauge like: JavaScript, and the basic HTML langauge
  3. Hey all,I have read all the tutorial relating to XML in the w3schools site, but still I need to know how XML could be related to ex. web services, programming languages, so how could it be used?thanks 4 caring

  4. once you start using it to communicate with database, you will notice that there really is no better way. its basically as you say it.SELECT ALL FROM USERS WHERE USERNAME = PUNKSTARtranslates in sql to..SELECT * from `users` WHERE `username` = 'punkstar'easy :)SQL is simple compared to PHP because PHP is a progamming language, and SQL is just a standard way to communicate with any (good) databases out there :)*shines*

    yeah , u r right, sql is very easy and it is powerful alot, it has alot of features that makes it wide-use by most programmer, and u also use it especially when u want to create a database for ur site,
  5. hello!i need to place a simple poll on my website. can anyone describe the process in several simple steps? can i have a MS access database? how simple can it be (what should it contain in order to collect data from polls?)i have already made the skeleton of the poll in HTML (form with radio buttons).i'd also want the results of the poll to be displayed (on the same place where the poll is) in percents after the submit button is clicked.i hope i made my problem clear enough. if not, let me know..Thanksp.s. for those who really find it difficult to picture what i really want to do,visit http://w3schools.invisionzone.com/index.ph...pic=153&hl=polland you'll see the exact poll that i would like to have

    So u want to create a poll: u have first to enter the choices for ur question. Then, u have to create a table for the options u have, so when a user select a choice and then click ok, the answer must be saved in the database. I don't think that u should have more info, except the IP address (using javaScript) to disable voting more than once ,, also this could be solved by creating a cookie.
  6. If you want to try out PHP, and don't want to install a webserver manually, try XAMPP which installs a webserver with PHP (and lots of other stuff) for you.

    also easyphp is a nice webserver which includes, phpadmin, sqlServer, and all in a nice web-based interface with an easy way to work with them,so the one that u have talk about , XAMPP, how could I get it?/
  7. Attention!!i need/want the script, easily tutored out to me of a staff login... e.g. the login you use to login to w3schools forum!!i also need some kewl software e.g. cutenews and phpBB but i know those, i want to know some of the websites to some good ones and... yeah! :) :)

    phpbb is located here: www.phpbb.netphp scripts are found inside the php manual, so u should first read the w3schools tutorial found in the home page, and get some look at how php works.so try to post here ur comments, and ny question u have faced.
  8. With PHP you can also write client side GUI applications using the PHP-GTK extension. This is a completely different approach than writing web pages, as you do not output any HTML, but manage windows and objects within them. For more information about PHP-GTK, please visit the site dedicated to this extension. PHP-GTK is not included in the official PHP distribution. so what is the gtk??

  9. wow html is realy hard for me i dnt under tsand it if any 1 is willing to make me i will be so gr8 full

    don't say about anything is HARD, just start learning and u will see that all difficult things could be handled in a very easy way, just think that u will learn new things, and though nothing will stop u from doing that.
  10. Get some books if you don't already, they're the easiest thing. I got a PHP book and learnt more in the last few days than I have in the last few months off the internet. Good luck however.

    yeah, u r right, I am also learning php by myself, and I also learning many other stuffs alone, since I have a good background in progamming, and I have the habit to learn more things with fewer time.
  11. I really need help with C++ !!! I've been having problems prgramming it and it drives me crazy. I know it seems that I dont know how to do it but this course is part of my requirement and I want as much help as I can. Jeez I cant beileve how hard it is. Even my advisor told me that but, I'll try my hardest to live upon of what I know and go on from there.

    try to ask questions about it ,and I could help u as much as I can?
  12. i think you're right. javascripts is also very important and give syou a hang to php also. in php you also need some javascripts to spice it up.so yea html, then css, javascript, php, mysqlxhtml is not used that much (i think) but it'll be an advantage to learn it.

    yeah u maybe right, but as u know, as the technology is developing there is no much space to learn everything, so for example, using the macromedia dreamweaver 2004, u can use it to write css file within minutes,without the need to write every command, but u must have a good knowledge about manything to understand them.
  13. Yep, we need stuff on how to make SQL querys in PHP.alzable

    so do u know sql, how to write sql queries/also u need to know and learn to use phpadmin, which is a simple user web-interface that will let u manage and create databases.and u need to have sql server running so that ur queries (sql ones) can work.
  14. u need to have a small look at the html language, so to read the tutorial on the w3schools website, and then use the frontpage from the office XP to have a look how it could works and other stuffs.if u need to develop a small website with free templates, then go to www.freeservers.com and then register for it (free of charge), and so that is ur website is ready to edit and view it.After that, u need to be more expert in it and need to know and write javascripts or vbscripts, that will enable u to create a dynamic website (also u can use php , asp, ...).so, go ahead , the gates are openposts ur questions here

  15. but anyway, u have to be used to write ur scripts in the same case and the better is to use the small case, and in case there are 2 words then capitalize the first letter from the second word.and never begin with spaces.............

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