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  1. I've just started using W3schools.com to learn HTML having taken the decision to pursue web development. I wanted to work with computers for a long time throughout my youth - though wasn't sure what specifically - but took an altogether different direction for university (Journalism). I am now looking to take a course in web development, though I am unsure of where I need to start, and more importantly, what qualifications I can earn from distance learning that are industry recognised. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi everyone, My names John and I'm taking my first steps along the road to becoming, hopefully, a web developer utilizing the tutorials on this site as a starting point. I'm starting pretty much from scratch although I have always had an interest in computing and I did learn basic HTML a long time ago (its vaguely familiar still now) as a youth and coded my own website, though it was a bit rudimentary. Anyway looking forward to rinsing everyone on here for answers to the many questions I will no doubt have
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