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  1. heyi have the Flash program (but i never used it for such things)i checked Camtasia Studio and it looks like a real cool programis there any way (and hopefully easy) to do what i want with out spending a lot of money?thanksyaniv
  2. hi chocolate570, thanks for your replay,what do you mean " interact with my movie " ?i want to record my voice, capture the screens and the mouse movements.its tutorials for a software that my company developed.so is this can be done with flash?i will open the the software (we developed) and open flash in the background, so it can record everything i do on screen, and it will also record my voice?do you understand what i mean?thankssssssyaniv
  3. hiim talking about the end-user. what will be more friendly?what will be faster to download? what will support all browsers?and what will be easier for me to build? what tools/programs do i need if i choose to go with a regular video?in the movie i also want to capture the mouse movement (if i click a button)how can this be done?i know its a lot of questions.....but i never done this before and its got to be very proffesionalthanks for your replyyaniv
  4. het there,what is the best way of building web tutorials video, flash or a regular video format (e.g: .wmv, .mpeg, .avi)?thanksyaniv
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