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  1. Oh thank's!!! I didn't notice the inline styling in the head part... My bad! Ok so I've jhust removed the whole framework div, and adjusted the bigbox div (which I had created inside the framework) to the right width! Now I have to rearrange most of the contents, but at least I have control over it!!Thank's so much!
  2. I have realized a web site using joomla. I started from a very basic template and then I adjusted it to my needs, and everything works as espected. Except one thing, I can't modify the width!Here's the basic code: #minwidth {background: transparent;width: 1100px;border: 0px;height: .01em;overflow: scroll;}#template_framework { position: absolute;left: 50%; margin: 0 0 0 -485px; width: 970px;} Then you can see the whole page at http://www.beachpartyfever.comAnyone knows how I could augment the width of the web site (meaning the width of the visible divs inside which there are the div h
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