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  1. Hello,Is it possible to have one single window.alert that contains several comments that are linked to some if...else functions? Thanks
  2. Good afternoon, I am currently writing codes to create a quiz implemented in (raw) Javascript for a university asignement. I already went on forums and found some codes. Now my quiz is working. However, I must also use JavaScript code that I wrote and I can't use any web authorong tool generated JavaScript .How can I now the codes I have used have not been generated by Dreamweaver or a software? Thank you in advance.Kinds, I used the following codes: <HEAD><script LANGUAGE="JavaScript">var ans = new Array;var done = new Array;var yourAns = new Array;var explainAnswer = new Array;var score = 0;ans[1] = "b";ans[2] = "b";ans[3] = "a";ans[4] = "c";ans[5] = "b";explainAnswer[1]="The reason why Answer 1 is Blah Blah Blah";explainAnswer[2]="The reason why Answer 2 is Blah Blah Blah";explainAnswer[3]="The reason why Answer 3 is Blah Blah Blah";explainAnswer[4]="The reason why Answer 4 is Blah Blah Blah";explainAnswer[5]="The reason why Answer 5 is Blah Blah Blah";function Engine(question, answer) {yourAns[question]=answer;}function Score(){var answerText = "How did you do?\n------------------------------------\n";for(i=1;i<=5;i++){ answerText=answerText+"\nQuestion :"+i+"\n"; if(ans!=yourAns){ answerText=answerText+"\nThe correct answer was "+ans+"\n"+explainAnswer+"\n"; } else{ answerText=answerText+" \nCorrect! \n"; score++; }}answerText=answerText+"\n\nYour total score is : "+score+"\n";//now score the useranswerText=answerText+"\nComment : ";if(score<=0){answerText=answerText+"You need to learn some more";}if(score>=1 && score <=2){answerText=answerText+"bit more practice";}if(score>=3 && score <=3){answerText=answerText+"doing ok";}if(score>4){answerText=answerText+"You are one hot java babe!";}alert(answerText);}// End --></script></HEAD><!-- STEP TWO: Copy this code into the BODY of your HTML document --><BODY><DIV ALIGN="CENTER"><h1>Java Quiz</h1><b>Test your knowledge of Java!</b><hr><FORM><b>1. What is the name of the Java mascot?</b><br><input type=radio name="q1" value="a" onClick="Engine(1, this.value)">a) Luke<br><input type=radio name="q1" value="b" onClick="Engine(1, this.value)"> Duke<br><input type=radio name="q1" value="c" onClick="Engine(1, this.value)">c) Nuke<br><input type=radio name="q1" value="d" onClick="Engine(1, this.value)">d) Sunny<p><b>2. Where is the best place to get Java software?</b><br><input type=radio name="q2" value="a" onClick="Engine(2, this.value)">a) From a can<br><input type=radio name="q2" value="b" onClick="Engine(2, this.value)"> From java.sun.com<br><input type=radio name="q2" value="c" onClick="Engine(2, this.value)">c) You have to buy it from Microsoft<br><input type=radio name="q2" value="d" onClick="Engine(2, this.value)">d) From your local Star Bucks<p><b>3. A 'for' loop in Java looks like this....</b><br><input type=radio name="q3" value="a" onClick="Engine(3, this.value)">a) for(int i=0;i<5;i++){}<br><input type=radio name="q3" value="b" onClick="Engine(3, this.value)"> for i=1 to 5 do<br><input type=radio name="q3" value="c" onClick="Engine(3, this.value)">c) repeat...until(i=5)<br><input type=radio name="q3" value="d" onClick="Engine(3, this.value)">d) FOR I:=5 DOWNTO 1 DO <p><b>4. Which platform can not run Java.</b><br><input type=radio name="q4" value="a" onClick="Engine(4, this.value)">Linux<br><input type=radio name="q4" value="b" onClick="Engine(4, this.value)">Windows NT<br><input type=radio name="q4" value="c" onClick="Engine(4, this.value)">Commodore 64<br><input type=radio name="q4" value="d" onClick="Engine(4, this.value)">Apple Mac<p><b>5. 'JMF' stands for: </b><br><input type=radio name="q5" value="a" onClick="Engine(5, this.value)">A pop group of the 90's who had the hit "Unbelievable"<br><input type=radio name="q5" value="b" onClick="Engine(5, this.value)">Java Media Framework<br><input type=radio name="q5" value="c" onClick="Engine(5, this.value)">Java Messaging Framework<br><input type=radio name="q5" value="d" onClick="Engine(5, this.value)">Java Meditation Forum<p><CENTER><input type=button onClick="Score()" value="Well... How did I do?"></CENTER></FORM></DIV>
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