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  1. You can get the answer on w3Schools at: http://www.w3schools...backgrounds.asp CSS3 Multiple Background Images is about halfway down that page. It is supported across all browsers (but not all versions). You can apply an internal style to each <li> tag with the images you'd like or declare it in your CSS sheet.
  2. Just uploaded a new (it should be mentioned that it is free) video screen capture program from a site last night. I had a hard time finding the best one for me (which I acknowledge isn't the same for everyone) and I thought this post might save some time for others. I started wanting a screen video capture that will record my actions and audio input from my microphone. After using the wrong programs to record myself using graphic editing applications and giving tutorials, I ended up wasting a lot of my time (around 5 hours). So in order to save some others from headaches I wanted to post my best finding. hypercamhttp://www.hyperionics.com/hc/ video output set to AVI but can be changed to WMV. Quality is what can be expected for a free program and matches that of the other free contenders. The download and install took less than a minute (honestly). Other programs that I used which didn't work for me include CamStudio and Jing. The free version of CamStudio crashed quite a bit; I had to turn off my stylus tablet to get it to work. Jing had some limitations that slowed down my workflow. Let me know what you like to use or if you came to the same solution as I did. I hope this was helpful.
  3. Hello from Atlanta. I'm a Web designer and developer (developer>designer). I love a good Web site and look forward to participating/helping with some of you and your projects. If you'd like to know more about what I do; follow my signature.
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