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  1. Hello everyone,I'm new at the XML Schema scene and I was wondering if someone can give me a hand with the following:I have the following structure in a xml: <pages> <page id="1" url="index.html" type="main"> <page id="2" url="index1.html" type="internal"> <page id="3" url="index2.html" type="catalog"> <page id="4" url="index3.html" type="product"> ....</pages> I already have the xsd with that structure and it works fine. However I need to define a set of restrictions over the elements (pages). Here is an example of some of the restrictions : A main page must exist always A product page can only exist if there is a catalog page. I imagine that the others are deducible once I find out how to do the ones mentioned.Thanks
  2. I would like to know the best approaches (or practices) for defining a background that can extend itself automatically as you type text in a website.I was thinking about using a table (3 rows, the first one with the top of the background, and the last one with the lower part of it.)The text would inside the middle row, inside a div for css.In Dreameaver, I can see that the effect is accomplished, but when I try to visualize th epage in a browser (Firefox), the image appears incorrectly.Thanks.
  3. Hello everybody:Here's the deal: I'm building a dynamic site, that usually report some info from a WebService.I'm trying to make the user focus on the pulled information, so I thought about using opacity to put enphasis on the information which will always show up in a DIV with class info_websrv.My approach according to CSS3 should be to declare body with an opacity of 0.X and info_websrv with opacity of 1. This should work, as opacity doesn't inherit. However the entire page ends up with the 0.X opacity.I already know about the -moz-opacity and the IE only filter:alpha(opacity=X00), but neither seem to work.I know this is possible, as I seen the effect (bancolombia.com)Plz helpDaniel Rodriguez
  4. I think this is better :Javascript (pdf)Html (pdf)
  5. I have a FORM tag which isn't being recognized by the browser. When I click on submit, the following error:"document.getElementById('form_dialogo_subir_archivos') has no properties." However if I check the source code, the form tag is there. A curious thing is that when I use the firebug extension to check the code, the form tag is missing.I already trying validatiing the file against the W3 parsers but, since I'm suing Dojo, the parsers keep reporting issues with the Dojo tags.I'm completely lost.Please help.
  6. Hi,I need help with a XMLBeans based App that I'm developing for a client. My client right now stores his info in someXML's which he currently uses in a .NET based App :<company> <division> <manager/> <email/> <subdivisions> <division> ... </division> <division> ... </division> </subdivisions> </division> <division> ... </division> ... </company>I'm trying to create a XSD for that structure, however I'm stuck with the division reference inside the subdivisions. Is there any way to support this "circular" reference in XSD ?
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