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  1. I've been using CSS sprites for a while now, mainly using it for icons, but I want to sprite up my backgrounds too. All the backgrounds I want to sprite I want to repeat Horizontally (left to right) but I can't get it too work. I know you can repeat in one direction only with CSS sprites, but it still wont work. #header {width: 100%; height: 215px;background:transparent url('files/site/spritebg.png') repeat top left; background-position: 0;} .sitemenu {float:left; width:690px; height:35px; color:#FFF; font-size:13pt; background-image:url(files/site/spritebg.png); background-repeat: repeat-
  2. Hi there! I've been running my site for about half a year now, and I would like to know what you lovely people at W3Schools has to say about it. I'm currently working on a new version, so i would like to know what needs improving for me to advance forward in the site's functionality and design. Website LINK: http://www.thetributepages.info/ Thanks for the feedback in advance. - Crashb648
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