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  1. Finish! I couldn't never done it without your help. This forum rocks!!!Thank you Fox!
  2. Looking more carefully I could note that the "li" object already have their parameters set witch includes the flags. Is it possible to set different parameters for the same li elements? Perhaps dividing the li in 2 diferent groups (the buttons group and the flags group). How can I do that?
  3. Thanks Krewe but I could not reach this point without Fox's help.Now I need only to do the padding for the flags (padding:4 8 0 8) and the right alignment. I couldn't find where exactly should I put this parameters.I have tried in the style (.google_translate img) and in HTML. No success.Please Fox, one more hand and we finish it.Thank you so far.
  4. I have tried this way, in chrome they disappear and IE they stay the same.I am doing the test here: http://kjhsaiuh.blogspot.com/
  5. Hi Fox, thank you very much for your reply. I have changed the HTML like showed below but no progress in IE and now the flags are appearing like buttons in menu on Chrome. Before it were appearing flags as a single element. <ul id="menu"><li class="button"><a href="http://ferhairstylist.blogspot.com/">Home</a></li><li class="button"><a href="http://ferhairstylist.blogspot.com/p/profissional-cabeleireira.html">A Profissional</a></li><li class="button"><a href="http://ferhairstylist.blogspot.com/p/portfolio.html">Portifólio<
  6. Hi everybody, I could manage to add google translator flags inside my menu bar but unfortunately it is looking nice only in chrome. In ie, the flags are appearing outside the menu bar, not in the same menu line but in a new column at the end of the bar with large buttons associated to the flags.I appreciate if someone could give me a clue.The style and html used are this: <style type="text/css">ul#menu{width:auto;height:30px;font-size:13px;font-weight:normal;font-family:Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif;}ul#menu li{display:block;float:left;margin:0;padding:0;}ul#menu li a{display:b
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