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  1. Im sorry theres nothing in this list that I need.
  2. I am seeking a web host. The one I currently have does not allow newsletters sent. I must use PHP, it must be ad free, & it must be free to use. I understand most of these have restrictions when its free to use but these are a must. Free domain is preferd as well but not absolutle. Any suggestions please from experiance?
  3. How do I fix it so it stays inside the area assuming that would fix the sccrolling issue?
  4. I think it would be great to have a forum for the easier tech issues one might encounter on their pc.
  5. My computer caught a virus in order to get rid of it I used System Restore point & went back to the previous day upon getting the virus. I did it through safe mode. I tried it in regular mode when booting normally (after boot) & the virus stoped it from completing the proces. I could only get rid of it through System Restore point to previous day in safe mode. Since then my files & saved folders are missing. When creating a new folder with same name it says 'Folder Already exists you can not create a folder with same name.' I need to know how to find those files & make them vis
  6. Possibly an issue in IE only? Can anyone confirm?
  7. I am wanting to know what is wrong with this layout? I think it might be the cursor, Id like to keep it but if I cant thats fine. Every time you click the page it streaches and makes more scrolling. Can someone take a look & tell me what is causeing it?http://1inamillion.50megs.com/gutted.html
  8. Hajimema######e. very new appollogies in advance if I post a topic in the wrong forum. I am still learning which scrpit is which. Here to study HTML/CSS
  9. Waiting to post................................

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