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    There isn't much I'm not interested in but Media and Imaging vis-a-vis society and the environment, culture is a good start.
  1. Hi- I'm Mark. I don't see posting anytime soon so I'll just be over here lurking. I'm really old, really fat, really bald and I live in my parents basement. I'm not really sure that I'd have anything to bring to the table yet but one never knows.so-Gender: MZodiacal sign: VacancyCountry of residence: USHeight: TallWeight: fatEyes: yesHair: goneSmoking/Drinking/Drugs: who could afford all that?Favorite Music: Smooth Jazz - keeps the BP evenFavorite Movies: Blue Velvet - Thief Cook Wife Lover - Triplets of Belleville - Town called Panic - They LiveInterest: Arts, imaging of any sort - alternative process photographyPets: Boston Terrier( x3), a mutt and assorted reptiles and a fish or twoLast Book Read: Hop on Pop I promise not to make a mess and to clean up after myself.
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