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  1. I just visited a website http://www.romneytaxplan.com/. I found that "Get The Details" Tab were fleeing away. How did they do it ? Quite Amazing.
  2. DDs1 I very much appreciate your effort. I want to add "Read More" button just showing half of the article so when anyone click on the "Read More" button only then they can read the full post. I want to place at least 10 articles on a single page. I want to put those 10 articles like that. Please make me clear. Thanks
  3. Hi, I am total new in webdesign , I am learning HTML/CSS/PHP/Javascript . I know HTML & CSS somewhat. I need help. I am learning coding keeping in mind of creating a website like this(I have attached the screenshot of the page) I am giving here the website address too www.way2workfromhome.com. There that webmaster created navmenue stick & no dropdown menus I need that type.When he post a new article the article goes to specified title like(make money) My question is how I can create that type of nav menu & when I will post a new article the article will go to a single topic. How can I add read more button after just showing 1/3 of a article. Please see the website & see the attachment. Please help me.....See the attachment. Thanks In AdvanceMahfuj Optimized-website.bmp
  4. Hi, I am syedmahfuj. I am reading w3schools for last 2 months. I got covered HTML and HTML5 somewhat. But still i have problem in layout. So is here(w3schools) any begginer section ? where top start ? help needed.
  5. I am syedmahfuj ..I want to know here web design..so thats I am newbie in blogging,I don't know HTMl & othersI recently created a blogger blog About Make Money Online & SEO where i serve adsense ads. http://www.listofonlineclassifiedsites.blogspot.com/ I want to change the look of that blog & i want to create more blog thats why i am here.
  6. Hello Flutje i am facing problem like you..But i can't create & get drop down menu & link ..Lets se anybody answer the question..Thanks for the post
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