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  1. I've stored the path in the database but when I try to retieve it to a variable, such as $picture, it will not display using the variable. I can echo the variable by itself to see what is contained in the variable and it is the path along with the image name. Here's a short page I made to test the image display capability: <?phpsession_start();require('adminconnect.php');$extract = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM Catelog")or die(mysql_error());$row_saleitems = mysql_fetch_array($extract);$numrows = mysql_num_rows($extract);$_SESSION['itemtoedit']=$ItemToEdit; $Pix = $row_saleitems['pi
  2. Thank you so much for the help. I'll take your advise and get up to date on the latest and greatest. Clair
  3. Is there a way to store jpg files in a database field that can later be extracted into a dynamic variable for display on a web page. Everything I've tried doesn't work. I can't get the picture to display only the name. I can get the picture to display using html code img src and the path to the image but I want to be able to replace the file name in the path with a variable that holds the name of the image. Tried using PHP code but when I try that, it displays the name of the file name for the picture but not the picture or doesn't display anything at all. <td><p align="center"&
  4. If I posted the code incorrectly I apologize. I don't ususally use forums becuase it takes time to get responses. The LMBconnect.php is only the connection to the database and thesession_start() is not in that file. If I start the session somewhere within the site then I should be able to use session variables until such time I kill the session. That's why I'm confused with this problem. I just inserted the sessio start in the login page and here are the error messages. If I remove the session start from the login page the errors disappears but the variable doesn't work either. Warning:
  5. I do - it's the first line of the page right after the php tag.
  6. The session statement was working and then I made a change to the pages and now the sessions will not work. It doesn't carry the variable information forward to the next page. If I insert a session start command I get an error message stating that the sessions have already started. I'm out of ideas on how to fix this.
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