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  1. Thanks for ur reply... i dont have any knowledge in this.. can u plz help me?
  2. I have got one error in opening page inmy website, actually this sources are old and i am not familiar with this.. plz help me.. Error: Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a0009' Subscript out of range: '[number: 0]' /rescontrol/Default.asp, line 72 Plz check out here this link http://desert.somee.com/rescontrol/ Full Source Code can be found in http://pastebin.com/QthvEubE function DecryptData(s)dim spdim dStrdim decry_stratdim decry_strdim decrdim i,tempdStr=ssp=split(dStr,"Z")decry_strat=eval(mid(sp(0),2,1)) i get error over here when i try to open page decr=decry_strat'Response.write Chr(sp(1)) 'Response.Write ubound(sp)for i=2 to ubound(sp)decry_str=decry_str & chr(cint("&H" + sp(i-1))-decr)decr=decr + decry_strat next DecryptData =decry_str end function
  3. I am adnan , from uae. working as IT support.
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