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  1. I Registered on http://www.mywebcron.com/home.php ....made a page that inserts a date and time in a DB when hit. tested it...works. setup the cron...tested it through their "execute" link, "check" wich gets the html wich worked...... and let it go for a day. Out of the 1200+ crons registered on their site i was hit....2 times. after 2 days still no reply from support... i think i will check some other sites...
  2. oke...thanks for those replies! ignore_user_abort is more used for keep running scripts already started...by what or who ever? i just found this site...did you ever hear from it? or anything like that? http://www.mywebcron.com/home.php
  3. hmm i would rather not leave my laptop on the entire day..and i travel sometime so... could it be triggered from a other website? and the code...could it run...with ignore_user_abort(true);set_time_limit(0); it should right?
  4. Hey all! i was wondering if you could help me with the following... I want to pull some data/file from a foreign server at a specific time, every day. data would be inserted in a DB for users to search data they require. i did some research and came on cronjobs....not supported by my provider unless i get a upgrade and that would more then tripple my costs. don't wanna do that.... then i figured that i could create a page that would run through even when the browser was closed....so i wrote this but it is unstable and fails on me more than halve of the time. the next step for the s
  5. Rollins

    foreach loop error

    assign a value to a key? foreach ($passerrors as $error=>$message) { echo '.$error.' is '.$message.' ; }
  6. how did you resolve this? i went for a second query to get the id after the insert because it was the easiest solution for me at that time...
  7. you can store the inserted data in a session....echo that in meme.php or use data as a reference for the query on you.php. you can do a second query on you.php to request the id with the inserted as reference in the where clause....store that in a session. guess if you use 'SELECT LAST(id) you could get back the wron id... there are other functions in sql but i never used any....check the answers from stackoverflow.com. looks quit complete....
  8. some googlin....presto! this looks like the same issue. http://www.qianqin.de/qtranslate/forum/viewtopic.php?p=5988#p6142
  9. filter_validate_url should catch a http://random.com type url from what i have found.... the example you posted has a double dot...if u use that to test it could screw up the results aswell. i think.... "That said www.xxxx..com will not PASS the filter."
  10. and i was wondering what you use for error reporting....
  11. it looks like you are comparing a extension against a entire array.... elseif(($vtype == $vall)){ echo 'this format is not allow';} maybe someting like this....?? elseif(($vtype != "mov") && ($vtype != "wmv") && ($vtype != "mp4") && ($vtype != "mpeg") && ($vtype != "flv") && ($vtype != "avi")){ echo 'format is not allowed'; }
  12. i would try replacing the "www." with "http://www.".... function add_http($text){// set http: on www. $text = preg_replace( '"www\."', "http://www.", $text );// remove duplicates after set $text = preg_replace( '"http://http://www\."', "http://www.", $text ); $text = preg_replace( '"https://http://www\."', "https://www.", $text );}
  13. what would this do? single quotes... if(result_lv.n == 'ben'){ trace('hit');
  14. i am not very familiar with your coding but....Q: Does n have value in the if-statement? this looks lika a echo and does not seem to give value to n... echo"&n=".$username;
  15. thanks for that example! that also means there is a distinct difference between a variable and the content of a variable....i always looked at them as just one thing. i think i will look at the sort functions at a later point....
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