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  1. Thank you "son" but i looked at those...thanks for the tip though ! i'll figure it out
  2. I would say dynamic....its like multimedia viewer like flickr or youtube...
  3. is that how the "refresh" works ? i have no clue about Ajax though or javascript on that matter :/
  4. So....i have this series of tabs (visually) and i would like to now if there is a way to refresh their contents everytime i click on them...
  5. I found a solution to my problem which is kind handy ! while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($result)) { echo "<div id=\"videos\"><div class=\"file-name\">$row[fn]</div><div class=\"user-name\">Uploaded by : $row[un]<a href=\"\">(Add as a friend)</a></div><div class=\"file-size\">Size: $row[sz] bytes</div></div>"; }?>
  6. thats not the issue but thanks ! i am wondering how he "gets" the data and then presents them
  7. I would like to show my results like youtube...i know that it uses <div> inside a <div> and then align them with css BUT ! im not sure if it uses the " $row['file_link'] " way or if there is a better way ! thank you
  8. I noticed a mispel on your down right "προλογίζοντας το εαυτό μου" it says "ευατο" :Ρ i really like it ! and if i could suggest something ! you have the border around the select topic "on" and another pops up if you mouse-over it and thats great but i was thinking that it would be nicer (on my humble opinion) if the selected topic border would dissapear when you mouse-over the other topics...apart from that i really like eeeverything ! in a few months you could be working with flash and other cool looking gizmos ! nice one man !
  9. This has nothing to do with your question but allow me to give you a piece of advice just for "correct" programming...its best to use separate .css files for your styling...that gives you mobility and you know where to find what...you only have to add a referrence for your .css at the head of your html and you are good to go
  10. Thank you very much Mr.Moderator errrr sir ! the index.php reference was all i needed !
  11. Im quite new at html,php but i have zero clue about javascript...I would like to know how to create a "welcome , name " on the top right of the screen after a successful login...like this forum that shows your name on the top right corner with the sign out button next to it ! i know that the place that will be shown is a matter of css but i have no idea how to do it code wise...A clarification...i dont want the css...i dont know what "happens" after the login in order to do that welcome "area" and how to do it !Thanks ,John
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