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  1. Sweet thanx. I know absolutely nothing about java, and i just know the basics of html and css. Im pretty much teaching myself via a couple books i bought and this site, using my website as an actual "project" of sorts to apply what i learn. Thanx for your guys' help
  2. Perfect, thank you. So what would i change in that code to have the user see the gif for 3 seconds before being redirected to where they want to go?Could you quote your post and edit the quote to show me how to make it 3 seconds?I know i probably sound like the dumbest guy in the world right now for asking that but everyones gotta start somewhere, and this is my very first attempt at a simple website
  3. Yes, i want to have a user be taken to a "redirect page" where the gif will display, then the user will be redirected to the location of the homepage link they clicked on. The gif will do just fine. The reason being that the in-game teleportation is simply the player just standing completely still, staring off into the distance, and the only movement is lightning streaks flickering in and out from the teleporter's electricity. I can achieve the effect i want with an animated gif for sure because all motion in the game itself is completely sporadic, therefore looping a gif over and over wont lo
  4. Hmmm...im not sure about the java. Im thinking like there have been times when i logged into a website or posted on a forum, and after hitting "go" or "submit post" i would be redirected to a page that says something to the effect of "thank you for logging in/thank you for your post, click (url)here(/url) if your browser doesnt automatically redirect you." its exactly that type of redirect i want to code in. Just when users click links from the homepage tho, cuz it would get annoying if that redirect happened everywhere on the entire siteWhat im thinking of doing is making it so that when user
  5. Newbie to web design here, so please dont judge if this is an "easy" questionI want to know how to set up a redirect of sorts. What i have planned is to have a really simple homepage on the website im designing, which will be a gamers website/clan, specifically geared towards black ops and world at war "zombies". The homepage will be just image links to the forums, news, trophy guides, facebook page, etc, and when a user clicks on any of these links i want a redirect for style purposes basically, which i will explain.In the games i mentioned, there is a teleporter that, when you activate it, y
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