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  1. Hello!I'm working on a portfolio on XML languages and want to include some thoughts of users about those languages such as RSS,SVG, SMIL and so on. Are there any websites I can read upon opinions related to those topics. Maybe some thought about the how those languages will do in the future. Thank you!
  2. it works now :)thanks a lot
  3. I checked them by changing the color of the field using the onkeyup()-function, which works fine (it's just not in the code because I'm not at my pc at the moment). But I also want the form not to be sent if there is an error so when I hit the submit button it should again go through all the functions and determine wheter all fields are filled in correctly.That' why I created the function checkForm() which should check if every function returns true.Only if that is the case the form should be submitted.
  4. HelloIs there a way I cancheck multiple functions with a onsubmit Here's about how I did it (it's not the whole code as I am not on my pc but that's about what I did): Javascript: function validName() {if(document.frm_reg.name.value.length < 1) {//some onkeyup code...return false;} else{return true;}}function validMail() {if(....) {return false;} else{return true;}}function checkForm() {if(validName() && validMail()) {return true;} else {return false;}} HTML: <form><input type="text" name="name" id="name" onkeyup="validName();"/>//here are some other input tags...<input type="submit" onsubmit="return checkForm();" value="Register"></form> Thanks!
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