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  1. Understood, but what of the display on pc browsers? How can I get rid of the white background associated with the menu text and make it scroll together with the images? I think this points the way but I do not understand enough to decipher what's happening (on the pc not the handheld) update:...ok, again not understood, properly, Getting rid of the "background fixed" in #bannerContainer sorted out the white space on the pc, while leaving the "relative" in the class for the menu text aligned that properly. A series of "&nb sp" without spaces between them forced the menu text to display on one line. Shame about the fixed banner. Maybe it's just a problem with Opera mini, but as you say, best to accept it's not practicable. Thanks again for all your help
  2. Hiya Losing the fixed banner on handhelds isn't a problem. I deleted that (and some other things) but couldn't get rid of those two problems. What am I misunderstanding here? Why are the menu items jumbled up on the handheld, and why is there that white space (and the menu at the top of the screen) on the pc? p.s. I had got rid of the div that enclosed the menu text and managed it's positioning. Adding it back in for the handheld results in the menu text moving down ontop of the grey band but the two words are still jumbled. On the pc putting it back in had no effect.
  3. I'm lost again! I want to get the page (http://phoenixchange...newIndex000.php) to display "more or less right" on a handheld. It's all fine except for the banner header. I used two different stylesheets but my Nokia doesn't recognize the "handheld" media type so for testing I've used the same code for both stylesheets. I got rid of the fixed banner and stripped it down. (it validates). The last thing I did was change the #banner_text postion to Relative. That moved things forward a bit but now.: 1. ScreenThe menu text is now at the top of the white space instead of sitting on top of the grey bar. As the page scrolls on my PC screen there remains a white background behind the menu text that moves down over the banner. . 2. HandheldOn my Nokia, the grey banner displays the full width now, but the two menu items are on top of each other. Help? If I can get these problems sorted I intend to reinstate the fixed banner as that "functionality" appears to get stripped out on the handheld anyway..
  4. That explanation is the lightbulb moment! I've just moved the comment under the first php require!!! Bingo!! Thanks for staying with it
  5. I've tested the code on the validator and, after ironing out a couple of errors, both the html and the css are valid, but although the page displays perfectly in Firefox it looks a mess in IE. It's at: http://phoenixchange...newIndex000.php I've tested it on Litmus and their result is the same as what I get. Ive attached two screen shots, showing the first two problems. One is of FF9.0.1 (screenshot from my machine) that shows what I want, and the other shows the Litmus test result of IE7. The three problems in IE are that: 1. The inline "menu" on the top of the grey banner and on the right of the window, slips inboard2. The content of the page drops about 150px down from the fixed grey banner3. The fixed banner isn't fixed in IE I've been being helped by dsonesuk on another thread (on another topic) but have moved it here and in case it's of interest more generally
  6. Yeah, those are the errors it threw up for me but I corrected them before I posted. Just viewed the files on the server to double/triple check. Msybe it was a cache issue. To really nail it I tested the page in Litmus and took a screenshot of the result.As this has become (I think) a compatibility issue its off topic, so I'm going to post with pictures in a new thread in case it's helpful to anyone else here. Thanks for being there dsonesuk. I really appreciate it.
  7. Sorry! CSS and HTML now both validated, but it's made no difference. I changed that margin to padding but that made no difference either The banner isn't fixed in IE, but that isn't important. It's the giant white space and the misaligned menu that's the issue. So it's "just" the way IE is interpreting the markup. Problem is that most people who'll look at the page will be looking at it on IE :(Any more ideas on how to get IE to play ball?
  8. ... it's valid now but still the same problems in IE. Any ideas?This is a version without the php requires http://phoenixchange.com/sandbox/newIndex06.php It's validated ok.In FF this also works fine but in IE it's even worse than the php requires version, though why that should be I can't fathom as they're basically identical.
  9. Hiya, thanks. Is there a way of doing this or am I attempting something that's not possible in IE? Getting rid of the comment or inserting an empty div at the top does even weirder things it seems, though my brain has turned to mush.
  10. err.....maybe this should be another thread but, well all has gone well, in Firefox it all does as I think it should, but in IE ... arrrgghhhh! Two problems:1. The inline "menu" on the top and on the right of the window, slips inboard 2. The content of the page drops about 150px down from the fixed bannerIn my travels I came across something on problem 2. I think but now can't find it.The offensive pages can be seen here: http://phoenixchange.com/sandbox/newIndex000.phpAny ideas anyone? Thanks again.
  11. I thing this is great but then I don't know Notepad++ http://www.crimsoneditor.com/
  12. Yaaay dsonesuk ! Thank YOU!!! I am truly ecstatic ))) You have no idea. You've made a silk purses from a sow's ears and to me it is a thing of BEAUTY! Soooo simple (when you know how!) ... ...except, would you explain two things .. ?1. If I leave out the top,bottom,left,right variables in #bannerContainer then the banner is located further down the page (I get that) but it also shrinks to the width of the picture (which is the bit I don't get). I cannot predict/understand why putting values other than 0 gets the results it does.2. This is a tiny thing but you removed the closing tag of the img statement ... (I am just unsure what habits to cultivate now. Same with the < p> tag ?) Thank you again (..and thanks to the forum designers' for their considerations in saving this post so it wasn't deleted when the forum logged me out for some reason. Wish others would follow your lead.)
  13. Hiya RegicideThanks, but no. Adding the class you suggest to the external style sheet and the emty div, moves the text outside of the header div. I want to locate that text at the bottom of the banner div, and I would also like the banner to be fixed.
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