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  1. i want the text around the pic. it means text on the both left, right, top and down of the pic. not just moving the pic to the right/left side.for example, i use "T" for text and "P" for pic. TTT TTTT TT TTTTTTTT TT PPPPP T TT TTTT T P P TTT TTT TTT PPPPP TT TTTTT TTTTTTT TT TTTT for instant, i think the html layout may be:first line text<br>second line text<br>third line text<br>forth line text01 <img src="the_pic.jpg"> forth line text 02<br>fifth line text<br>normally, it shows like this: TTT TTTT TT TTTTTTTT TTT TTT TTT TTTTTT T TT TTT TT TT PPPPP
  2. balabalabalabalabalabalabalabalabalabalabalabalabalabalabalabalabalabalabalabalabalabalabalabalabalabalabalabalabalabalabalabalabalabalabalabalabalabalabalabalabalabalabalabala ***************************************** in html, or css, or JavaScript, or any client side scripting, can i fix the table width to avoid what i have did above ? i mean, if someone typed such a long "word" and post it to our page, it will be a disaster to the look and the layout of our page. i know that there is a function called wordwrap() in PHP. But we don't know how many characters can my clients' browsers' table c
  3. excuse me, may i ask, can CSS achieve words around the pic ??i can't find any example on the web (if i can, i won't ask ==)a good example will be essays we found in newspapers :)if CSS can't, can i make it in another approach ?thanks for any help in advance !!
  4. as i guess, it's nth dealing w/ css. it should be some JS that adjust the "left" of that element, probably a <div>, whenever you scroll the window.i m replying this in a rush. i didn't look into the code. In fact, u may say it is a css stuff as it is using the JS to edit the css
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