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  1. Also, I put the meta tag in the head after the problem arose to try and eradicate it but it obviously didn't, so the jquery scripts haven't worked in tandem in IE10 since I began testing compatibility...I'm at a complete loss as to what to do; aside from dropping the jquery script from my menu, but I really don't like to chuck the towel in and take the easy way out...
  2. Many thanks, I will check this out tomorrow when I get back from work...
  3. Hi, I'm having a glitch when testing the compatibility of my site in IE10. It works just fine in FF, safari and chrome on my macs, iPad and windows laptop. But my jquery navigation menu and fancybox image gallery just don't work.My site is under development and seems to be just dandy on all browsers except for IE10.:For some reason the menu bar and photo gallery, which are both powered by Jquery just dont work. I've noticed when I removed the fancybox scripts for my other pages the menu behaves but on my homepage in testing on IE10 on windows 8 it's not right. I also tried to link my jquery to
  4. Thanks dsonesuk, I had thought that was the case. I've had a look at the jquery code and cannot find them anywhere in it. I just want to increase the width to accommodate my wider font style. The developers answer was to use a different font... Not really a solution to my problem... Any ideas?
  5. Here is my site which I am developing - just to show exactly what I mean regarding the nab menu. I can get around it via an !important width in CSS but would like to know exactly where all these styles and rules are coming from: http://www.heggie5.webspace.virginmedia.com/index.html#
  6. I have a workaround by the !important CSS overrule but would like to know how to do it properly..
  7. Hello web wizards.I am currently developing my site and have downloaded a query menu to implement in it. I have successfully installed in into my page in dreamweaver and kind of successfully styled it to my design. I am having problems with the width of each menu item, the <a>. It seems that when I view the code in Safari-develop-view web inspector, that there is extra divs and inline styles that are not in my HTML page in dreamweaver. I am posting the snippet of the HTML and a screen grab of the page in browsers code... Can anyone give me some idea as to where the div class +holder hori
  8. Sorry but I am abit of a noobie at this. What do you mean about my inconsistent charset metas? And the [if IE] are for a three pixel jot which was flagged by dreamweaver when I tested my html for browser compatibility. The other one is for the page flip javascript which I cannot seem to get to work in IE at all... Any help and advice is, believe me, greatly appreciated... I believe that the best way to learn something is to break it and I am feeling very broken at the moment!!!!!!
  9. Hiya guys, thought my site was going along just fine; was testing it frequently in Safari and Forefox on my mac and via my usb stick on the laptop in Safari, Firefox and IE9.All seemed grand... BUT when I u ploaded site and tested it in IE9 on the mrs laptop my horizontal menu bar is all over the place... I have been pulling my hair out for the last 6 hours trying to get to the bottom of it and would appreciate any advice you could give. The site is still under construction but have temporarily launched it here: http://www.heggie5.webspace.virginmedia.com/mosLink.html Also the page tuner wor
  10. Cheers for all the help with this people..
  11. Can anyone give me some pointers/advice or even a code review on my code?
  12. Cheers friend. I will check it out
  13. Hi, I have launched my first website and its not showing at all in Google. As I am a newbie, I could do with some hints, tips and or advice as to what to do to my HTML to get a (better) ranking. I ran the code validator in dreamweaver and it came up with tons of errors... I will post code - I hope this is okay??? <!DOCTYPE html><html><head><title>Your Story in a Book</title> <meta name="Your Story in a Book" content="Story Book, Retirement Book, Wedding Book, Norman MacDonald, Photo Book,Christening Book, Corporate Book " /> <meta name="StoryBook, W
  14. Ok, I am kinda new to DW and HTML so please bear with me here... I get the whole code part for checking the box but how do I prevent the user from proceeding from page without checking it. I want them to click box to accept terms before they can proceed and click 'purchase'...
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