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  1. Hi, I have to find an attribute value of an element based on its another attribute. example xml: <catalog> <cd id="1" title="xxx" related="3"> <artist>Bob Dylan</artist> </cd> <cd id="2" title="xxx" related="1"> <artist>xxxx</artist> </cd></catalog> for example when parsing through the second node i got the related item specified by the attribute (related="1"). Based on this value I need to get the title of the CD. that is - Find the element CD with id="1"- get the title of that element I am able to get the element using
  2. Hi, I can simply use the following tag to horizontally align a table to center: <table align="center" class="centertable"> I would like to use the CSS to do the same but somehow I cannot make it work. here is how i tried. Will appreciate help. .centertable {align:center;} with best regards,rnv
  3. Hi, I would like to have image with caption printed below the image in XSL-FO. the caption should have right alignment. I am using table for that. It prints images with captions but the problem is the alignemnt of the caption compared to the caption. If the alignment of the image is 'right' then all looks fine: caption is just below the image at the right side. but if the image is center or left then still at the far right of the page. The problem is the table is full width of the page but the image is smaller. The problem can be solved if the width and the alignment of the table corresponds t
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    string parsing

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    string parsing

    Hi,it must be simple but I cannot get it.. hope some one can help. I have a complete file path. from it i need to get the file name.e.g., c:\data\xxx\filename.docfrom above string I need to get filename. which string function(s) allows me to get it?I thought of using last-index-of(..) but it does not exist in xslt. will appreciate your help. with regards,rnv
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