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  1. BY JOVE you've got it! I don't know much about character encoding either, but I erased the code and re-typed it by hand and it works now.Mystery solved!
  2. It's happened again, this time I'm leaving it so you can check it out: http://dev.webpagede...com/higginson2/ The element to inspect is the blue "For" on "For Parents" Here's what Firefox is showing me: custom.css (line 96) .module h3.header span.color {} blue.css (line 28).module h3.header span.color { color: #1478C4;} Here's what's supposed to be in those first brackets: custom.css (line 96) .module h3.header span.color { color: #FFFFFF;} The selectors are the same, and custom.css comes after blue.css so it should be overriding, instead its ignoring.If I view the css file via Firebug,
  3. That's bizarre - went into template manager > css > template.css, and its totally blank. Which can't be the case, cause the whole site would be messed up. *chinstroke*
  4. I'm editing in Dreamweaver. Using FTP to grab the CSS file, editing & saving to my disk, then uploading & replacing via FTP.
  5. Aha! Got it to happen again. This is what I'm trying to override: /* template.css line 206 */ .menutop li:hover .drop-wrap, .menutop li.sfHover .drop-wrap { left: 0; top: 58px;} And this is what I'm using to override it: /* template.css line 659 */ .menutop li:hover .drop-wrap, .menutop li.sfHover .drop-wrap { top: 44px;} Aaand here's what Firebug is showing me: template.css (line 659) .menutop li:hover .drop-wrap, .menutop li.sfHover .drop-wrap {} template.css (line 206) .menutop li:hover .drop-wrap, .menutop li.sfHover .drop-wrap { left: 0; top: 58px;} This might be a bad example
  6. I'm not redeclaring the selector--there is actually code within those brackets, it's just being removed/ignored when the browser loads it.
  7. I actually don't have any examples of this problem at the moment - I've used halfassed-workarounds so far / lost track of where they occured. Next time it pops up, I'll leave it be and post a link. I hadn't thought of javascript complicating things, thats a possibility... but I haven't seen any inline styling, so maybe not... *headscratch*
  8. I'm absolutely certain there's no typos, everytime this problem arises I zoom in and read the code over and over and over. The code's always fine, there's gotta be something wrong with the browser/Joomla loading it.
  9. Thanks for the reply! That'll come in handy. But in these instances, the 2 selectors are identical, so the one appearing last should take priority... but its not. It's like its got a mind of its own, and its being sassy. :C
  10. Update again: Solved, thanks to ShadowMage! Turns out Dreamweaver was putting in strange characters that the browser didn't understand, most likely from copying & pasting from Firebug. Update: Posted an example, cant figure out how to link so scroll down to the bottom. I've been running into this problem on several occasions the past few months and it can be a major setback. What I have to do is take a Joomla website template and make changes to the CSS to get it to look how the client wants. I usually do this by making overrides as opposed to changing the original code (don't want to roya
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