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  1. welcome Guys I want know more about HTTP headers I know that http is an internet protocol that organise the way we see pagebut I can't find any way that show me how to use the HTTP header when I post data without form and redirecting the location etc...Please Help me in this SaLaM!
  2. Why my topic closed I just asked for your suggetions to add it in my Reference which will be soon here available to download freePlease be active with me!Ahmed Gaber
  3. Wait SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON Quick Reference in JavaScript,Send me your wishes to me to add it (if possible) in My Reference,Ahmed Gaber
  4. If any body have a summey to javascript main partsplease send me it just like fold and pocket
  5. aigdonia

    <div> probrties

    have any body an idea about <div> proberrties in css2Please help me
  6. Help Me Please I want to offer visitors see me in live meet through my site;Can I do it with ASP.NET? howThanks
  7. Ya Right , I get mad of this and can't understand what this mean exactly,In the W3schools tutorial no thing about this error ; Plz Guide me
  8. when I set an asp file to send a mail a server error : SendMail configuration set invaild What is the problemReagards
  9. Hi Every Body I'd to say that the Game will begin in the Game dealSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON
  10. Thanks For Yoou All I'd like to Say "I'm very Happy"let's Begin with the Database designing in the Game I think the Deal not very Clear.HERE the Deal Read then You Can decide whether JOIN or NOTReply me Quickiley
  11. Hi Every bodyI'm AIG and invite every body to join My NEW Game design TEAMIf You Have the ability to work Please Contact me and I'll give you the detailsthe Game will be online lifetime game With PHP and MySQLThanks alot
  12. I will lose my mind with My PHP editor ( PHP EDITORĀ® )Have Any body a free editor Hope to be Strong oneEl-Masri
  13. HI try to write them in file on separate lines hen read the file and Explode them in an array then Use rand to select the random item as shown in Uppermessages Try it AIG-Elmasri
  14. Thank You but I was looking for PDF version Thanks again
  15. aigdonia


    Hey man I think FP is a nice tool to only set your base design But you not need to design all your Site with it I myself Use free tools that not need special tools to set my page Try to find it aig
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