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  1. That's what I thought from my internet search but I want to be sure.Thanks.
  2. I want to support all cases :1 : with JS, with XSLT2 : with JS, without XSLT3 :without JS, with XSLT4 :without JS, without XSLTand yes, I want to run JS on transformed content to create only one JS code for cases 1 and 2.
  3. If the client support Javascript, I can modify the HTML content (AJAX) but If the client does not support Javascript ...
  4. Hi !I customize a Web Framework to use XSL stylesheet on XML and generate HTML 5.I want to report the process (XSL transformation) on the client-side if the client support XSLT.But if the client do not support this operation, I want to process on the server-side and send the generated HTML 5.My problem is : the Javascript function I call on the page works on XML content (ot HTML 5 if the browser does not support XSLT).But I would like to use Javascript on HTML 5 for both cases.So how can I access to the rendered content ? Not on the source content ?Thanks
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