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  1. Thanks for taking a look at this, I hope to test this tonight. I will let you know how I make out.
  2. This a JavaScript question regarding cross frame scripting: How do I target a div, in this case <div id=‘PF_Text_Panel’>’, in an iframe using and onclick event in the parent document. I have a document, the parent page, containing 1 iframe. The parent page also contains some general information and the navigation links. The links refer to unique .html files, child pages, which are slideshows of jpeg images of different architecture projects of mine. Clicking on a project navigation links loads a slideshow in the iframe. Within the child page, the slideshow is its own <div>. T
  3. Thanks for the suggestions, I will start where you suggested
  4. Okay, so I figured out how to pass a variable via a query string to force a child .html file to open in an iframe on a parent page (I posted a question here regarding this a couple of days ago). If the child file is specified in a URL like, www.dg-ad.com/PF-Skinner.html, some script in the child file, PF-Skinner.html, rewrites the URL like this, http://dg-ad.com/index.html?var1=http://dg-ad.com/PF-Skinner.html. Some script in the parent file parses the query string and forces the child file to open in an iframe name=pf_frame on the page. There is a function in this parent script called re
  5. I am looking for some hints regarding sending people links to my website, http://dg-ad.com A user clicks a project link from a list of projects, below is an example of a project link: <a href="PF-Skinner.html" onclick="updatePortfolioFrame(this); return false;">SCHOOL OF NURSING UMASS AMHERST</a> Using javascript's innerHTML and which/this functions, an iframe is placed in a div. The src for the iframe is the href from the anchor tag. This href references a small html file that is a list of jpegs that are then displayed as a slide show in an iframe on the parent page. This is th
  6. Ironically, the reason I have been engrossed in this project is because I wanted to get away from iframes. I can pretty easily reinstitute them and I did a ton of other improvements. It just seems like such an irritating thing to have a tag that just doesn't work in a product, IE, that was designed by the same company that introduced the object tag in the first place. Thanks for taking a look, I was afraid reverting to iframes may be the simplest recourse. Have a good week.
  7. Is it my imagination or does IE 8 really have a trouble executing the <object> tag. I have some javascript that loads an html fragment into an <object> tag the is wrapped in a div. The html fragment references a .xml file which puts a slideshow of a series of jpegs in the parent file. Works great in Firefox. Thought it would be an easy tweak to some settings to make it work in IE8. No luck. IE adds scrollbars and a grey border, worst of all it won’t load the content. Maybe there is a tweak I haven’t heard about…yet. Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated. These are the rele
  8. I have a page with a div, <div id= PF_Text_Panel></>, containing text that describes an image, the image is in a separate div. Using CSS the text panel is on top of the image and covers about 1/3 of the image’s left side. A slide effect, handled by the function Slide (see code below), targets the PF_Text_Panel div. The function Slide is triggered by an onClick event allowing the user to slide the description to the left and reveal the entire image. I am trying to write some code that will, in a sense, disable the slide effect with an onclick event. Until I turn it back on wit
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