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    I broke my homepage

    I added a javascript witget on the right sidebar of my home page and it changed the way the navigation in the left sidebar is being displayed. I have tried everything to fix it and the only thing that will work is if I remove the javascript from the right sidebar. Does anyone have any idea how i can fix this? You can go here to see how it looks now. Below is how I want my home page left sidebar to look. Thanks!
  2. ezmacc

    Wordpress CSS help

    ok I just found it i just changed it in category 2$count%3 == 0
  3. ezmacc

    Wordpress CSS help

    I am pretty sure this is the page that does it. <?php /* CATEGORY BOX 1 */ ?> <?php if ( $wp_ellie_cat_box_1 !== 'Select a Category Slug' ) { ?> <div class="cat-posts"> <div class="moreposts"> <a title="<?php _e("More from", "wp-ellie"); ?> <?php echo stripslashes($wp_ellie_cat_box_1_title); ?>" href="<?php $cat1_id = get_term_by( 'slug', $wp_ellie_cat_box_1, 'category' ); echo get_category_link( $cat1_id ); ?>"><?php _e("More from", "wp-ellie"); ?> <?php echo stripslashes($wp_ellie_cat_box_1_title); ?></a> </div&
  4. ezmacc

    Wordpress CSS help

    its done dynamicly through a seprate page called (index4.php) page but I am having trouble finding the line to change on that page.
  5. ezmacc

    Wordpress CSS help

    I am having trouble getting the very bottom thumbnail square under the "new videos" section on the home page aligned next to the video directly above it. The website is felonymixtapes.com I am not sure if it is because of a margin or padding being to wide. I have tried everything to figure out what it is but I cant seem to track it down. I would be willing to pay somebody via paypal to help me figure this out.
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