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  1. I have tried the site on Safari and it displays as it should. Have a look if you like the website is www.leeeng.com the page that i am talking about is the Links page. I am also getting to the point on the latest projects page to need a solution for this problem. I know i have mentioned iPad but trying the page on a few mobile devices and i have the same problem. It looks to me like mobile deviced cannot display iframes like pcs can.
  2. i am working on a website that i have iframes on. when i view the pages on an ipad/iphone the iframe is layed over the rest of the page. i have been looking for a way of making the iframe view in the same way as the do on a pc. if any one has a fix for this it would be great. Thanks in advance. Daniel
  3. i have tried the page on firefox and looked in the options and found the cookie there and it displays the following in the cookie %24name%26WhiteLed1undefined%24age%26604800undefined%24date%261328199137653undefined%24path%26%2Fundefined%24domain%26192.168.0.231undefined%24secure%26falseundefinedinfo%2663%25undefine The bit i coloured in is that bit i am using. the out put on the iPad i am using this website on show 63%undefine. I sould only get 63%if i view it in fire fox it just shows Undefined. I dont know were i am going wrong.
  4. Hi I have finaly managed to get a cookie to save the data i want it to. I now have a problem that it saves it with Undefined after it. and when i try and pull the information out i will either get Undefined displayed in my webpage or the information i saved with the word undefined after it. how do i define the code i am putting in to the cookie as text. i am using the code from the following website www.jslab.dk.
  5. Most of it. I have only just really started looking into HTML and Java. Only been doing it for about 2 weeks. i have now updoaded the web page to this topic. have a look and you will see what i am doing. I would like to open this page move the fader and go to a different page. when i come back to this page i would like the last value still showing. I don't know were to start looking
  6. I did indeed and its going way over my head. I have tried alsorts and not understanding any of it.
  7. Hi I am having trouble understanding how to make Cookies work. i have a fader on a page that you can move. i am justing the jquery.mobile.-1.0.min.jsbut every time i move off this page and come back to it the fader will go back to its default value. I was wondering if there was a way of keeping the value to the same state on return to the page. Help would be grate.
  8. Hi I am new to HTML/Java scriping I work for a Lighting and sound company and we have started to produce lighting and sound control via webpages. I was wondering if there was a way of getting feedback as to what is running via the web. so when someone presses a button on the page it changes lets say from red to green when running and back again when they press it again. the problem i have when they move away from this page and go back to it another time. I need it to be able to reflex what the last state was. the other problem i have is that someone else could change form that state from anoth
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