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  1. Hi All I have 2 textboxes in a row i have need to show/hide them depending on radio button selection. i am able to hide the textbox controls using javascript but the problem that i am facing is -> When i am hiding the first textbox control second one is moving left i.e second textbox is displaying at the place of first textbox . can anyone please tell me how to hide the textbox control without dis placing the second one ?
  2. Hi All I have created a menu that should float as user scroll the browser and its position should be left top How to get the position fir this ?
  3. There Might be IDE problem if every thing that ou have done is correct And second one that may cause is different namspace But is it working properly ? Close the IDE and reopen it
  4. Hi i think you want link to the label try this one <a href="Give URL"/><asp:Label ID="PayorName" Runat="server" BorderColor="Black"></asp:Label> i think this will solve your problem
  5. Hi all i want to create a folder on client side but can we create it using javascript
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