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  1. I,m working on it but i cannot do.. so kindly help me to make a test slider
  2. I want to add these four check boxes in grand_total field but i could not do that.... will u please help me....??
  3. guyz please check this coding and tell me where is the error....
  4. <script type="text/javascript">function total_amount(){document.getElementById("grand_total").innerHTML = "";var sugar_check = 100;var milk_check = 200;var curd_check = 50;var rice_check = 250;var grand_total = "";var amount = 0;if(document.getElementById('sugar_check').checked == true){amount = sugar_check;}if(document.getElementById('milk_check').checked == true){amount = milk_check;}if(document.getElementById('curd_check').checked == true){amount = curd_check;}if(document.getElementById('rice_check').checked == true){amount = rice_check;}else{alert('Please make a selection first...! '
  5. this is my form kindly check this.. <script type="text/javascript">function validateForm(){ if(document.getElementById("firstname").value == "") { document.getElementById("error_firstname").innerHTML = "First Name Required"; } if(document.getElementById("lastname").value == "") { document.getElementById("error_lastname").innerHTML = "Last Name Required"; } if(document.getElementById("country").value == "Select Your Country") { document.getElementById("error_country").innerHTML = "Select Country"; } if(document.getElementById("city").value == "") { document.getElementById("error_city"
  6. Hi DON Eyesterday i was working on that form i was also make an asp file and wrote this file name in action="registration.asp" but when i was click on to the submit button so no validation occured and registration.asp file download automatically... kindly tell me the right way.
  7. dude, if i do this <form name="myform" action="registration.html" method="get" id="myform" onsubmit="return validate();" > so no validation occured
  8. <td style="background-color:#eeeeee;width:1000px; text-align:left;" valign="top"><h1 class="heading">Registration Form</h1> <form name="myform" action="registration.html" method="get" id="myform" > <td align="right" colspan="2"><input type="submit" onclick="return validate();" name="submit" value="Submit" /> <input type="reset" value="Reset" /></td> Kindly tell me the right way to submit form on another page
  9. i was just make my form before two days. apply this if (document.getElementById("gender[0]").checked == false && document.getElementById("gender[1]").checked == false){document.getElementById("error_gender").innerHTML = "Gender Required";
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