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  1. Hi Friends,I want to read XML file with PHP.There are lots of fields but you can give me only 3-4 fields as an example.I will do the rest.This is the url : http://api.wunderground.com/auto/wui/geo/WXCurrentObXML/index.xml?query=New_York Thanks & Regards,Sonu
  2. I have linklist in vb.net which contains web site links.I need to do like this there will 1 button & linklist with some website links whenever we select that link & click on a button then it should open in browser.I know it's easy to do but I am unable to do it lol.Please guys help me. Thanks & Regards,Sonu
  3. sonu

    PHP & MYSQL Help

    Hi Guys! I have 2 fields name & email in mysql database.I want to check if the record exists or not in the DB and if not then it would insert records in the database. Quick help really appreciated. Thanks!
  4. sonu

    PHP Redirect

    I am using Codeigniter.Can you guide me I want to redirect sub page to main domain.
  5. sonu

    PHP Redirect

    Hi,Thanks for your reply.I need it to give condition like if user is accessing page1.php then he should redirect to page2.php .
  6. sonu

    PHP Redirect

    Hi,Friends I need small help.I know it is not an big issue for PHP Experts.I need a redirect code like the example below:If user tries to visit www.domain.com/page1.php then it should redirect to home page means index.phpI need to redirect only 1 particular page not all pages.I will insert this code in index.php .Then,if user tries to visit page1.php then it should be redirected to page2.php .But,the code should redirect only if user trying to access page1.Thanks in Advance! Help me Guys.
  7. Hi,might this will help you little http://24ways.org/2005/edit-in-place-with-ajax
  8. sonu

    PHP Form

    Hello Guys,I am creating one simple php form all works great but I want solution for one thing.I want cc optional like I have checkbox in the form & if user click it then only it should send CC mail other wise not.Here is the code which I am using. <?php ob_start();$fromemail="No-Reply <demo@demo.com>"; // change here if you want$toemail="demo@demo.com"; // change here if you want$sub="Online Feedback"; // change here if you want$success_page_name="index.php";////// do not change in followingif($_SERVER['REQUEST_METHOD']=="POST"){$fieldnm_1=str_replace ( array("\n"), array("<br>"),trim($_REQUEST['fieldnm_1']));$fieldnm_2=str_replace ( array("\n"), array("<br>"),trim($_REQUEST['fieldnm_2'])); $contentmsg=stripslashes("<br><b><font style=color:#CC3300>$sub</font></b><br><table width=708 border=0 cellpadding=2 cellspacing=1 bgcolor=#CCCCCC><tr> <td width=165 align=right valign=top bgcolor=#FFFFFF><B>Name :</b> </td> <td width=565 align=left valign=top bgcolor=#FFFFFF>$fieldnm_1</td></tr><tr> <td width=165 align=right valign=top bgcolor=#FFFFFF><B>Email :</b> </td> <td width=565 align=left valign=top bgcolor=#FFFFFF>$fieldnm_2</td></tr></table>");////$headers = "MIME-Version: 1.0";$headers .= "Content-type: text/html; charset=iso-8859-1"; $from=$fromemail; $headers .= "From: ".$from."";$headers.= "Cc: ".$fieldnm_2.""; @mail($toemail,$sub,$contentmsg,$headers); header("Location:$success_page_name");}?> Thanks in Advance!
  9. sonu

    Simple Query

    I think you had not created "DHI" column or there is some spelling mistake try to change it with different name.Hope it will work. Thanks!
  10. You can find more information & examples @ here Foreign Key Hope it will help you!
  11. Hello,if you're searching for a code which will search database by drop down menu then PM me.I can help you.
  12. Hello,here is the simple code of js if you want to display html page with javascript : document.write('<iframe frameborder="0" scrolling="no" height="300" width="750" src="http://www.google.com/"></iframe>'); Customizations : Replace http://www.google.com/ to the page link which you want to display with JS. I hope it will help you. Thanks & Regards,Sonu
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