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  1. I have Changed the Whole Layout of the site...Please Have a look again and let me know your thoughts, Thanks
  2. Thank you for your view and comment Sir! I Edited The Your Part to "You're" do you have any more ideas i can add?Thanks Once Again
  3. Hello Guys this is my website http://WWW.EXILEENTERTAINMENTS.WEBS.COM I WOULD LIKE To know your views and comments please,
  4. thanks for your view and comment, i will see which background will match,what kind of functionality should i add??
  5. okay guys i have edited the following-Linking titleBackground imageClockect ect here and there... please let me know your thoughts/views/comments on the changes http://WWW.EXILEENTERTAINMENTS.WEBS.COM Thanks~samyak
  6. thanks for bringing yo my attention,i never noticed it and will see what is wrong with it. thank you i edit it and see whats is causing the problem.
  7. thank you.. i hope others will also like it.
  8. Thanks for your Attention Sir! I have Edited the following The Background The LogoThe Colour Of Content Area!. Please let me know your views againhttp://WWW.EXILEENTERTAINMENTS.WEBS.COM Thank you~samyak
  9. 2 Things....TW,(AS)

  10. Hello Guys I have Been Making This Website - http://WWW.EXILEENTE...NMENTS.WEBS.COM And Would Like Your Views/Comments On it ... Also Would Like To know How may I IMPROVE it. Thank you~Samyak
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