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  1. This new file fix a bug: the theme 'Home' is omit in the first version. And a new theme is add : All icons. Update_Material_icons.zip
  2. In this zip file you can take a suggession for update the topic about material icons in your web site. Update_Material_icons.zip Update_Material_icons.zip
  3. If y suggest to add those topics in your tutorials this is because they are missing in general.
  4. Congratulation for your well documented site. Y have translated some html pages of it in French. And y have add some topics : two topics in the Javascript tutorial : The iif function and the with statement one large topic in the CSS3 tutorial : gradient colors backgrounds two methods for the canvas.getContext("2d"). Excuse me if my English is sometime incorrect.Good afternoon!... updateJS.zip CSS3Update.zip Updatecanvas.zip
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