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  1. Hi ..I am writing a scientific research on the BOM (Browser Object Model)I did not find resources or sites to speak on this subject in detailIs it possible that you will help me to find sources?Thank you
  2. makkawi

    Switch vs If ?

    thank you ..butIs it true that switch Statement faster than if Statement in the execute?
  3. Hi ,,When we use Switch Statement and when we use if...else if....else statement ?andWhat is the difference between them?thank you ..
  4. makkawi

    HTML5 .. !

    HI ...Is there browser support new tags of html5 ?and how I learn it ?note : I do not speak English fluently thank you
  5. Hi all ,,What is different between <div> tag and <span> tag ?please give me some examples ..
  6. Hi every body ..I have some questions !!!what are different between HTML4.1 and HTML5 ??what are different between XHTML1 and XHTML2 ??When w3schools write html5 tutorial & XHTML2 tutorial ?thank you all
  7. hi ...Why <MARQUEE> tag not found in this page http://www.w3schools.com/tags/default.asp ?and why color Attribute not found in <hr> tag in this page http://www.w3schools.com/tags/tag_hr.asp ?thank ..
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