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  1. All is coming from database right. Can you put the below data how it is stored in database. Like the same as below or looking different. NRJ:n tomituksen työharjoittelija Simo kuulostaa aivan Kotiteollisuuden Jouni Hynyseltä. Mahtoiko homma mennä läpi kun \'Jouni\' soitti Jone Nikulalle ja ehdotti tälle uutta \'Ämmät\' -TV-formaattia..
  2. The problem is because of Antivirus. If i disable it, then it shows me the captcha image in chrome. Hope this will help to others.
  3. Put this as a string and assign to an array and encode via json and send.
  4. But why showing in Mozilla and not in chrome. I checked in my firebug network. The images is failed in chrome. Captcha Image is jpeg. maybe jpeg MIME type is not written in server configuration. That should be the cause.
  5. Its really frustrating. Don't know but its happening. Same captcha image is showing in one server and not showing in other server. Specially in Chrome browser. I am using the following captcha script.http://www.4shared.c...gle_capcha.html I think server or the browser is creating problem. More could be server as same file is working on chrome with different server. Actually the image loads once and then suddenly destroyed in chrome.
  6. Sorry its not my website. Its a general question. i have seen this. I tried different captcha files with this but never work.
  7. Hi, I have seen this problem of not showing of captcha in one website and not showing in others. I have tried to use different captcha scripts but its loads only once. if we refresh the code it don't show. And different behavior in different browsers. Thanks,
  8. Code is fine. We need to see the code before the line no 5. Can u write 4 lines before that.
  9. Whats inside your websites. its dynamic or static? Clear all the points.
  10. You are not specific in your question. Your customer will fill an inquiry form and employee will get notification. Where will he see that notification. Employee needs to be login to his dashboard and a popup will generate each time on his dashboard. If this then make a function, an ajax call in every 1 min which will see the inquiry in database and will pop up a box which will show all the latest inquiries if exist in database and automatically hides after 10 seconds.
  11. On data changes you can send an email to relative employee or you can send SMS to employee phone. You need to use SMS service for that. That will be best for you.
  12. My javascript code just makes the video player styles and other action listeners events for player. The video loading is from server side. is this right?
  13. rahultailwal

    filling a form

    Make two string of html. one for first option selected and second for second options. When first radio checked then load first string in a div and if second checked then remove the inner html of that div and replace with second string.
  14. Could it be my coding problem? I am using video.js. When i saw network in firebug then i can see that video is streaming in partial content 206. And its taking time to receive data. So its my fault or network fault. Also partial content is good for caching so it cant be problem i think. Please suggest. Thanks
  15. Hi, I have got an issue with videos. Sometimes all the videos play very fast and no problem with loading. But sometimes video takes time to load even it does not play at all. It could be internet problem. But sometimes if internet is not bad then could it be server problem? I want to know why this is happening. Could it be the problem that many people are watching same video at a time.? As different videos formats with different browsers. So sometimes video don't play in firefox and played in chrome but very slowly. chrome has format mp4 and firefox has webm. I am using html5 video tag. Thanks
  16. Oh I am again stuck on this problem. I am sending PHPSESSID in my redirect url but its not working in mozilla. And when i test it to other browser it works fine. Dont know what is the problem. I am working with salesforce api. And it might be api fault but. When my application started a session in one page then if after redirecting from api to a new page how this is changing.
  17. Finally it worked. The problem was from server configuration. Server administrator did something, don't know what, but it worked. Thanks for support
  18. The conclusion is that the problem is not mine its from server. So we need to confirm it from server administrator to check the mail server. And provide some test mail user id and password. Am i right?
  19. I got the problem and solve it. I send the session_id with the api url and that solved the problem. Previously after coming from api, the callback url was a page i haven't visited and was creating new session. After sending session_id to api url it doesnt make new session and page doesnt redirected. Thanks
  20. Hi, I have one login page where after login i m saving user_id and password in session variables. in some page i am using an api which takes me to the new page. (like in gmail auth api.) I am using session_start in my all the pages at the top. After call back from the api my session is getting destroyed. If i again try to login and do the same process its working fine. As i checked in my firebug. After first login my session cookie is creating. After coming back from api page to my page a new session started as i have written in my page and it makes a new PHPSESSID and invalidates my previous sesssion. Second time repeating the process it doesnt do same. I want to know what i am doing wrong that it makes a new PHPSESSID. Thanks, Rahul
  21. Actually i dont have server details. Its SSL server and i dont have cpanel details. I can login using putty. Can i see something from there.
  22. How to install sendmail. Is that my part or server administrator will do it. And if it is there then how to get that path.
  23. I saw the folder is there /usr/sbin/But sendmail file or folder is not thereSendmail is server i suppose. If this is wrong then what i need to do.
  24. SMTP localhost smtp_port 25 Path to sendmail /usr/sbin/sendmail -t -i sendmail_from no value no value sendmail_path /usr/sbin/sendmail -t -i mail.add_x_header On On mail.force_extra_parameters no value no value mail.log no value This is the phpinfo. I have tested by setting sendmail_from but didn't help. Thanks
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