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  1. hi thereim currently studying java at college and need to learn it quickly.but my problem is the teachers are telling me to use Greenfoot or Blue but when i look for tutorials on the internet, they all tell me to use the command prompt. for example in the tutoriait will say "to compile and run the java program, open command prompt and do the javac command etc......."can anyone help me where do i get the right tutorials from and how do i create the programs?? do i use the programs (BlueJ and Greenfoot) or command prompt
  2. if the above reply doesnt work, then you will need to check that the path is right, if you contact me on michaeldobson18@hotmail.co.uk then i will send you some tutorial videos that i found helpful
  3. i wouldnt go with the web hosting 1and1 because they are very expensive.well from my experence they are
  4. http://www.dobsonlearning.co.ukLearn all the information you will need related to computering, programming and graphics
  5. yes that was right. i sent a email to the mailing list email and it forwarded the email to all the addresses on the listthanks
  6. i have a website hosting with 1and1. i have created a mailing list using the software from 1and1. But how do i send a email to all on contacts on the mail list?? do i have to send a email to the mail list email?? can someone explain how it works and how to use itthanks
  7. Hi, if you need information on all the LAN and WAN technologies like x.25, Frame Relay, Token Ring...... and there disadvantages and advantages then why dont you check out this website that gives you all thathttp://www.dobsonlearning.co.ukApart from that information,id like to no if anyone is up for creating a website with me in their spare time please let me know. i have a few ideas of what sort of website we can create. i would like to make some profit out of the website. im ideally looking for someone who is good with databases and server side languages e.g. ASPif your interested please rep
  8. hi therei have got a turnkey website but i dont understand the instructions on installing it into my website, there instructions are below. can someone please tell me in plain english how to install them pleasethanks1) Extract the zip file containing the software.2) Create a new folder and name it as something like friends, efriends, myspace, or similiar3) upload all files to the selected directory.4) Chmod 777 for the following folders/files: groups, photos, blog, events, banners, chat and chat/rooms.php5) create a new MySQL user and DB for PHPMySpace Clone.5) Open data.php file and edit the
  9. have a look at my website for freee online games and tell me what u thinkhttp://www.playurgames.com
  10. if they are stolen them for does websites like http://www.playgames2.com get done for the games because the have loads of games from other websites
  11. hi therei have done a new appearence for my free online games website. please tell me what you think and if i can improve the website in anyway here is the link: http://www.2playgames.co.uk
  12. the parking perfection game is now working fine
  13. hi im am not responsible for the Slashdot design and i do not own playgames2.com
  14. here is my website now http://www.2playgames.co.uk. i have made loads of changes, thanks to every1 that gave my suggestions for improvements. what you think now?????heres the out link to what you all said http://w3schools.invisionzone.com/index.ph...pic=10348"
  15. thanks the link above really helped :)
  16. k i need a click counter that counts wen a person clicks a link to another page in my website. any1 got a example script and instructions on how to do it?
  17. i dont no how to add a click counter so that it counts every time someone clicks on the linkplease help me
  18. mdobson1

    click counter

    hi there i need a click counter for my website. i need it to show how many people have click on a link. here is an example of what i mean on www.playgames2.com.has anyone got any codes or can help me with this counter???
  19. PLeaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  20. some1 create a logo pees
  21. hi there i am looking for a good logo for my website. design you own for my website and post it in here. the website is www.2playgames.co.uk. the winner gets the logo on my website
  22. hi there my new website is www.2playgames.co.uk. i have been doing the website for about 3 months and was wondering is anyone had any good ideas for the website. i wanna keep it a games website only so i dont want videos or music on it. i want ideas that can get more people or keep people on the website longer. thank you
  23. ty everyone. im gona keep the clicksor advertising i already have and concentrate on the look and information on my games site, bringin all the latest games and information 2 the peoplethanks
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