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  1. I am trying to make a center part of my web page stretch with the content (background-image:repeat;), and so I was using table to keep all parts together and <div> tags inside to do the stretching. I think i will remove the tables and use <div>'s only now. Getting real tired of working around everything (damn you Bill Gates).
  2. Well.....I have a problem.i want to make <div> tag go left and stay left, inside a <td>. this works fine in Firefox, but not in IE (damn those bastards).i have a float attribute on the <div> on the right and I have a position:relative;left:0; on the left <div>.i know i can use <td align="left">. However the align attribute is deprecated, as well as is the <center> ( which was a fav. for me). I need a freekin guru. Can i get crafty with some javascript maybe.( i know, wrong section).i need help. please.
  3. you should first creat <div> tags for each table data cell then using the-> position: (absolute/relative); top/bottom: #px/%; left/right: #px/&; <-- to place everything the way you want it. Your main problem is going to be centering the <div> tags. You will ok using properties -> align="left/center/right" <- you will want your image in one <div> tag and everything else in another <div> tag. Now it looks like you will want to use the float properties using css to make your image on the left and your content on the right.try something like this:---------------------------html-----<div id="left"> <img src='name.gif' ...........</div><div id="right"> text images more text or whatever</div>------------------------css---#left { }#right { float:left; // This will make your second div tag flush up to your first div tag.}---------------keep on reading your CSS bible and try google sometimes, but W3schools usually will have an answer for you somewhere in their tutorials. hope that gets you started.
  4. shannonlasell


    i haven't found any IRC channels for Website design questions and answers. Maybe W3schools would like to host this type of service, for IRC users.
  5. So, in conclusion, Microsoft sucks!Seriously though, I think I figured it out. If I text-align:center; every container that holds what i am centering, and I set a margin:auto; for everything inside the container then it looks normal.for example:stylesheet:-----------body { text-align:center; // for IE}table { margin:auto; // for Browsers that make more sense than IE}----------------------------page.html:-----------<html> <head> <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="style.css" /> </head> <body> <table> <tr> <td>Internet Explorer Sucks!</td> </tr> </table> </body></html>
  6. I know exactly what you mean. ....uhg.
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    I have learned, if you have <b>Macromedia Dreamweaver</b>, then you may preview your php scripts in this. However, you are limited to what you can preview, such as: sending email via form actions (example: submit button).
  8. if have found that the <b>margin:auto;</b> does not center the table in IE.Does anybody have any alternate ideas?
  9. I have noticed that align="center" and <center> are deprecated. I have found that using CSS that I may align-text: center; however, this does not work with tables.I could use CSS to give a ( left: #%; ). I was wondering what options (Total) that are available in doing this.
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