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  1. Got to be more to it than that, as it only happens on Chrome my other three browsers don't do it.. Something I will have to live with I suppose... thanx anyway..
  2. How do I remove the white flash that appears between clicking links?
  3. Is it possible (in html) to save the result of an <input> tag to a text file? I have googled this question but can't get any kind of reasonable answer, all the answers seem to wander off into the mystical realms of asp, php, ajax, etc.. of which I no nothing.. Can anyone steer me in the right html direction please.
  4. Thanx for that, I shall give it a go.It's a music page if they don't want to hear the music they wont go on the pagebecause that is all that page does is play that music and nothing else.
  5. How do I hide a music player control bar? I need background music but do not want to see the control bar on screen. I have tried <embed> with control height and width set to 0.I have tried <object> with control height and width set to 0 but still get Quicktime, Real, VLC control bars showing.
  6. oops - now your taking me into the unknown.. What's a browser variable> I've not got into scripts so I know nothing, if it's complicated I'll give it a miss.but it would have been nice to see something like that working so I could play music on my website.if all the browsers played mp3 I wouldn't have a problem, but I can't get IE to play it. Any simple suggestion would be welcome..
  7. Can someone tell me why this script doesn't work please... <script type="text/javascript"> if (browser=="MSIE"){location.href=("http://glenvern.co.uk/blogs/tatsy/wma/1 will you.wma");}else{location.href={"http://glenvern.co.uk/blogs/tatsy/mp3/1 will you.mp3");}</script>
  8. The code in my external stylesheet is -<style type="text/css">{background-color: #0000FF;}</style> No other entries only this one..I tried it in the <head> and it didn't work there eitherIt works in all other browsers just can't get it to work in Firefox.I can only get <body bgcolor> to work in Firefox but I can't use that as it would mean puting it into every page...
  9. I replaced my stylesheet entry with yours - made no difference still not working in any browser..(where did the .bgcolor come from it didn't show that in your css example page)
  10. glenvern

    Background Colors

    I am trying to put a background color onto my webpages using a stylesheet and I have the identical entry that you show in your example belowbody{background-color:#a2a2a2;} But I cannot get this to work in any of the browsers.. (IE, Chrome, Firefox or Safari)My stylesheet has only this one entry in it (no other text)Should there be anything else in a stylesheet as I have never seen a stylesheet page, I have only ever seen stylesheet entries so I'm not sure if I should have anything else included.
  11. I am reading the page on Font sizing, in particular the 'percentage' sizing.Can you please tell me what it is a percentage of.?I am looking to find a way of getting the fonts to react to differing screen sizes butthese percentages do not appear to be the answer..And is there a Font sizing instruction that does relate to screen resolutions.?
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