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  1. Hello all, I'm currently building a simple photo / image gallery using html, javascript and css. The layout is pretty basic, comprising a bigPic, a couple of buttons to go to the next of prev img in the gallery and a line of thumbnails beneath them. I've got an xml file which contains all of the urls for the bigPics and thumbnails. When the body load, I have created a function that looks to see how many images are in the xml file and passes this through a for each loop and dynamically puts each thumbnail into it's own img tag. I've got most of the logic and functionality done, but the one th
  2. Hello all, I am trying to create a simply image gallery, with a big pic that sits above a line of thumbnails. I have a separate xml file that contains the url for the big pic, the url for the thumbnail and also an image caption. What I'd like to happen is when the page loads the javascript checks to see how many image nodes there are in the xml file and creates that many divs to hold the various thumbnails in. I can get the js to dynamically create the required number of divs to hold the thumbnails, but can't work out how to load the actual images into their holders. I'm sure that it's a s
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