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  1. [edit: content removed for advertising or linking to competing or similar content with no purpose or leading discussion]
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    OT: Humans

    Hey pulpfiction check out my board.
  3. I've already made the banner i just can't get it on my site.
  4. Either contact me or post it here.My email.[edit] removed the *broken* link. This is a discussion board, we anticipate visitors to discuss issues and solutions. There should not be a need to email anyone.
  5. I love W3Schools!But it dosn't say nothing about making banners For more information on what i need visit the topic HELP!
  6. For website #2 i wan't somthing for the Cincinnati Bengals football team.For website #1 i wan't somthing to do with a club.And if you want you can join.
  7. cinci_bengals


    If you do can you visit my two websites(the links are at the bottom of the page)and think of one and then email me the code at debosadie@yahoo.comMy Website #1My website #2
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