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  1. I would recommend the jquery accordian lots of tutorials to google for.
  2. I assume you have set $_SESSION['country']try $ac = $_SESSION['country'] rather than $ac = echo $_SESSION['country']
  3. roondog

    [wip] My Site

    the transparent pngs don't work in ie6 you might want to look in to a javascript fix for that. There are loads out there.
  4. I am working on a blog application to insert into my portfolio and eventually make available. Please check it out here. It's about functionality at the moment rather than design, but any suggestions about that are welcome.
  5. roondog

    Php Search

    You'll need to look into pagination.
  6. you just need one set of form tags around the whole form, you also need an <input type="submit" /> in your form
  7. oops sorry I miss read what you were trying to do.
  8. try $session_id = $_SESSION['user_id'];
  9. Have you looked in to the sha1() function. It should give you a little bit more security.http://uk2.php.net/sha1
  10. I have just finished developing the first version of my blog application. Please have a look at it, test it out and let me know what you think. It's very simple at the moment so please don't slate me for that.Oh yeah you can find it here
  11. Try PRINT "<b>Salary: </b> "; print "\$".$row['salary']; I think or something similar.
  12. Here is my latest work there are only two pages up so far but just looking for general opinions.
  13. .menu1 ul li {float:left;}should make it work. sorry if this is already in there but I couldn't spot it.
  14. Thanks for the comments.The rest of the photos should be up soon just waiting for the photographers to pass them over.Spursettes is a group of female fans for the English soccer team Tottenham Hotspur whos nickname is spurs. I will suggest having that put on the front page.I'm not getting the 'jiggle' thing seems to be ok when I look but I'll check again.
  15. Here is my latest work. Beware it is very pink. Please let me know what you think.www.spursettes.co.uk
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