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  1. I made it for a contest , Its conditions are a login gate & flash intro !My website is supposed to an informative site , and I thought I would make it more dynamic by adding service like reservation ,Broadcast for important Events ... If u give me ur email , I will send it to you .
  2. This Is supposed to be a church site , It will provide Information , new ,etc !! I was thinking about making it more dynamic by adding Travels & Trips Reservation !! & Actually I made it to enter an Contest for making a website , The conditions are making a login gate & Flash Intro ....
  3. Hello , Can u tell me ur opinions about this website ? http://itestwebhere.hostoi.com/
  4. shadizon

    Cookies & Login !

    Hello , I read that Cookies are good way to transfer info between pages , So I wrote my own login script , but when I move to then next page it can't read the cookie that I made in the login php page !! <?phpfunction CheckLoginInDB($username,$password){ $con=mysql_connect('localhost','root','123'); mysql_select_db('users', $con); if(!$con) { echo "Database login failed! PLease try again"; return false; } $qry = "Select * from users.usrinfo where usrlogin='$username' and usrpass='$password' "; $result = mysql_query($qry); $count = mysql_num_rows($result); if( $count!=1 ) { echo "Error logging in. " ."The username or password does not match"; return false; } return true;} if(empty($_POST['username'])) { echo "UserName is empty!<br />"; } if(empty($_POST['password'])) { echo "Password is empty!"; return false; } $username = trim($_POST['username']); $password = trim($_POST['password']); if(!CheckLoginInDB($username,$password)) { echo "Wrong Password !!"; } else { $cookieusr =$_POST['username']; setcookie("user",$cookieusr,time()+36000); echo "You Have logged in succesfully !!"; } ?>
  5. No I will just make an intro & Maybe the header of my site no more !! & I am currently busy studying for my finals in 3 months , So I may finish designing the registration part and leave it until I finish exams !!
  6. Hello all , There is a contest for making website including User Registration & Flash Intro . the site is supposed to be about my Church , So What I need To know is :1-HTML2-CSS3-PHP + Mysql4-Flash I know a bit about HTML , CSS,PHP & Mysql , but about Flash nothing , So I ask if there is any tutorial or good site for Learning Flash ? And if there is , Could U name me a one ??Any Info will be appreciated !!
  7. Whatever I have solved it by renaming the database in mysql to the same name as the one on the host !! I can't use PhpMyAdmin until i make a new mysql database on the site !!Thanks anyway !!
  8. In Fact I did That but it gives me Access denied !! I extract using mysql utility !!
  9. Hello all , I'm learning Web development &using Web matrix from Microsoft (It's really a master piece) & Mysql 5.5 !! I am designing a website for reserving English Courses Online , I made initial Pages & PHP Codes & it runs perfectly on my localhost .The problem is I am using free host called 000webhost & I want to upload the site to it to live test , but How to upload the Mysql !!More Info : The host is using PhpMyAdmin & I tried to Import the database from my pc but it gives me access denied !!
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